Disposable Party Tableware Solution

Choose Bagasse Tableware As The Reliable Disposable Party Tableware Solution

Background story:

Ben Franklin is a founder of a small catering service business in California. He has a small team that organizes birthday parties, graduation parties, and other related events. His business was facing a lot of backlash because of excess plastic usage. Mr. Franklin was looking for eco-friendly products to grab customers’ attention and scale his business. Thus, he approached GangXuan’s disposable bagasse tableware as a disposable party tableware solution.

Disposable party tableware solutions

Figure 1: Disposable party tableware solution-Gangxuan

Ben Franklin analyzed that his clients were unhappy with the low quality of disposable plastic and paper dinnerware. Moreover, many people were concerned about the waste pollution and health issues that single use products could cause. Therefore, he was looking for disposable yet reliable tableware for parties with excellent holding capacity and water-proof features.

The owner minimized the plastic products in his catering service to introduce healthy, cost-effective, and long-lasting single use tableware products. He asked for neutral looking, spill-proof, and green dineware products for his catering business.

Party tableware solution:

GangXuan China understood the initiative of reducing plastic consumption and prototyped the best disposable tableware solution for Franklin’s business. We closely looked over his requirements to manufacture highly sturdy and durable sugarcane bagasse tableware. We provided 100% compostable products to enhance customer experience and annual sales.

GangXuan designed customized bagasse tableware products for outdoor parties, bridal showers, thanksgiving, and other events. This product pack is feasible for serving 25-30 guests at a time. Following are the tableware products that are included in the disposable party tableware solution;


The nature-friendly bagasse products solved the leading problems and concerns of potential customers. The addition of compostable products upgraded his catering business and customer relationship. It significantly added value and boosted the revenue of Ben Franklin’s business.

Why Ben Franklin found bagasse tableware as the right substitute for plastic products?

Figure 2 Sugarcane Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Sugarcane bagasse tableware

Mr. Franklin was dissatisfied with the quality and impacts of disposable tableware on the planet. He tried various eco-friendly options such as bamboo, Birchwood, and palm leaves. Franklin found bagasse as the best biodegradable option due to the following reasons;

  • Reliable:

Bagasse tableware is made with 100% natural sugarcane fibers. These tableware products are manufactured in pressing molds, ensuring the end product’s sturdiness and resistivity. Moreover, the bagasse products are microwave and refrigerator safe. The bagasse tableware can hold hot meals up to 100°C easily.

  • Environment positive:

The bagasse tableware completely degrades into nutrient-rich organic matter that helps plant growth. These dine ware products do not release greenhouse gases and toxins into the environment. These products do not release harmful toxins such as BPA, phthalates, and cancer causing chemicals. Thus, maintaining the ecosystem and promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

  • Zero chemicals:

Figure 3 Chemical-free Bagasse Tableware

Figure 3: Chemical-free bagasse tableware 

Unlike bamboo tableware, sugarcane products contain zero chemicals and resin coating. These products are ISO9001, BRC, and OK COMPOST certified. Bagasse tableware is 100% safe according to FDA health and safety standards. Furthermore, the manufacturing process of sugarcane bagasse is chemical free.

  • Customization:

Sugarcane bagasse dinnerware is shaped in pressing molds; thus, the products can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The manufacturers offer grammage and mold customization to fit clients’ demands.

How bagasse tableware transformed the business of Ben Franklin?

Ben Franklin wanted to please well-ware customers with green and nature-friendly products. After he chose sugarcane bagasse tableware, customers became aware of his business motive. Millennial customers preferred sugarcane bagasse products over plastic and Styrofoam disposable products.

Here are some perks of bagasse products that changed Ben Franklin’s business completely;

  • Increased market value:

According to the report, out of 5800 million tonnes of plastic waste, only 9%  has been recycled since 1970. Switching to eco-friendly bagasse tableware instantly captured the customers supporting the green initiative. The “plastic-free” motive of Mr. Franklin’s catering services increased the market value of the business.

  • Customer’s appreciation:

The compostable feature was a bonus for the business. Single-use product wastage in landfill and oceans is causing severe health issues, global warming, and loss of natural habitat. People are becoming more responsible for saving the planet from toxins and pollution. So, adding 100% biodegradable sugarcane pulp tableware generated high conversion rates.

  • High quality solution:

Introducing bagasse tableware solved the problem of low-quality products. The bagasse tableware products are highly-resistant with spill-proof, anti leakage, and temperature resistant features. They perform better than plastic, styrene, and paper disposable tableware options. 

  • Market competitive:

The sugarcane bagasse disposable products are affordable and long-lasting compared to other green alternatives. Bagasse tableware is made with 100% waste sugarcane pulp which would otherwise be discarded. Thus, customers acknowledged bagasse tableware as an affordable and safer option.

If you are thinking of buying 100% compostable and safe tableware products, choose no other than GangXuan.

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