Biodegradable Bagasse Clamshell Manufacturer

GangXuan is a certified sugar-cane bagasse clamshell manufacturer which provides a broad range of products to contribute toward sustainability.

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Eco friendly and compostable bagasse clamshell boxes

Our bagasse clamshells are made with 100% sugarcane pulp, which is an easily decomposable material.

Sugarcane clamshell boxes are a non-toxic and sturdy substitute for plastic and polystyrene products. Our raw material is a by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry; therefore, it regulates waste disposal.  

Our Bagasse cutlery products are biodegradable and release all organic material in the soil. We promote a healthier lifestyle and a sustainable environment. 

Recyclable and Heat Resistance Bagasse Plate

Our sugarcane clamshell boxes have a high resistance feature, and its specific heat capacity is up to 100°C.

Our clamshells are leak-proof; thus, ensure no leakage in terms of contact with hot oil, water, and grease. GangXuan’s sugarcane clamshell boxes do not soak up in the refrigerator and maintain the taste.

Unlike plastic and Styrofoam, our bagasse products are tasteless and keep the food fresh even after keeping in the refrigerator for hours.

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Company Profile

GangXuan is a reputable bagasse tableware factory that claims to provide toxic-free and carbon offset products to ensure environmental sustainability and a better way of living.

Factory View

GangXuan sugar cane bagasse tableware factory is located in Guangxi, China. Our new unit is established in 2021 with a factory area of about 18,000 sq. ft. We have 3 decades of experience in bagasse table ware production with 330 employees currently working in the new plant. 

GangXuan has approximately 870 Tons production capacity monthly with multiple production lines. Our company’s primary goal is to serve the consumer with a reliable, eco friendly, and plastic-free alternative.

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Related Products

GangXuan produces a wide range of Bagasse tableware, including Bagasse plates, Bagasse trays, Bagasse bowls, Bagasse clamshells and much more. All our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Frequently Asked Questions

 In this section, we will address some frequently asked questions by our customers.

GangXuan is China‘s leading company that produces rapidly renewable bagasse table ware for consumers. We have a wide range of eco-friendly food packaging for different purposes. We offer sugar cane bagasse clamshells, plates, containers, salad bowls, trays, and cutlery.

Our bagasse tableware is biodegradable, pollution-free, and renewable. We have 30 years of manufacturing experience with advanced fully automated production lines. Our production facility is equipped with 20 auto robot arms and 20 forming combined trimming machines to ensure quality of products.

GangXuan’s tableware is highly resistant and leakage-proof with commendable holding capacity. We proudly claim that we hold various product inspections and quality assurance certificates, including FDA, OK COMPOST, BRC, DIN CERTCO, and ISO9001.

Our mission is to reduce plastic wastage and encourage people to take one step towards a healthier and greener lifestyle. 

Sugarcane clamshell boxes and other products are made with pressed bagasse fibers; therefore, there are highly resistant and sturdy.

GangXuan follows extensive manufacturing processes to develop high-strength bagasse products with leak-proof, non-greasy, and tasteless features. With a holding capacity of-25°C to 220°C, our bagasse clamshells are microwaveable and refrigerator safe. The sugarcane pulp clamshell keeps the food fresh in the refrigerator for up to several days without changing its taste or color.

Furthermore, our products are grease and water resistant to ensure durable performance.

Yes, absolutely. The most outstanding feature of clamshell boxes is their decomposable nature. Sugar cane bagasse products are made with rapidly renewable raw material known as bagasse. It is a by-product of the sugar production industry that would otherwise be burnt or wasted in the fields. The sugacane bagasse fibers are low-cost, biodegradable, and easily compostable products. The manufacturer claims that the bagasse packaging boxes decomposes into organic fertilizer within 90 days and return nutrient to the soil. 

Certainly, you can decompose the bagasse clamshell or any container at home. Home composting is a simple practice for converting sugar cane bagasse products into nutrient-rich soil compost. However, this process takes 8-12 weeks to complete in humid environment. 

GangXuan is a top-notch sugar cane clamshell boxes manufacturer that provides different types of bagasse clamshell globally. We offer a wide range of clamshell boxes of various dimensions, shapes, and holding capacities. 

Bagasse is 100% carbon offset because the high production of sugar cane reduces the global carbon emission naturally. It is the safest option for people to consider because it is rapidly renewable, carbon offset, and decomposable. 

Moreover, the bagasse manufacturing process ensures zero carbon emission because it does not demand the burning of fossil fuels and raw materials. Contrastingly, plastic and other disposable cutlery products are made by burning raw material, which ultimately releases a massive amount of CO2 into the atmosphere and leads to global warming.

GangXuan passes its bagasse products through several quality assurance tests to keep the quality impeccable. We have a qualified inspection team that monitors the effectiveness of the products before dispatching them. 

In the first phase, the QC lab conducts several tests to ensure that the bagasse products fulfill the claimed features. 

The products are sterilized and disinfected according to international safety standards and FDA in the second phase. 

In the third phase, our inspection teams manually inspect the final product before sending them for packaging at the warehouse.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) and delivery time at GangXuan depend on different factors, such as product category and customization. Every product has a different MOQ and delivery time.

However, generally, we take about 2 – 4 weeks to deliver your order at home. For a perfect quotation, feel free to contact our customer care team.

We acknowledge that customers have different desires and preferences, when it comes to product selection. For this purpose, GangXuan China offers 100% OEM and ODM customization services to its consumers. Our customers can modify product molds according to their specific requirements.

Moreover, you can contact our customer care and expert team for further inquiries and suggestions.

Customer Testimonials

GangXuan strives to accomplish customer satisfaction with quality, cost-effective, and reliable products. Let's discover what our satisfied customers say about us.

I would really like to appreciate the company for producing such leak-proof and microwave-friendly bagasse pulp products. I microwaved the food several times in the bagasse clamshell, and it never leaked or became spongy. I'm impressed by the quality and affordability of your products. Thanks for introducing durable eco friendly products.

Adam Goldsmith

I'm the owner of a fresh fruit delivery outlet downtown. A few months back, I wanted to switch to biodegradable parcel boxes. I found out GangXuan and ordered a bunch of bagasse round bowls and salad bowls for fruit delivery purposes. Honestly, it was the best decision of my life. The sugar cane bagasse clamshells are sustainable, affordable, and durable.

Elijah Johns

I really wanted to invest in compostable products to take a small step towards environmental sustainability. I wasn’t sure about which product should I choose for disposable cold storage; therefore, I contacted GangXuan’s customer care team. They were so responsive and helped me with my queries within an hour. I would highly recommend GangXuan!

Noah Stallion

Are you seeking answers to your queries and free quotation services?

GangXuan is the best pick for people looking for a renewable and affordable substitute for non-degradable cutlery. We provide 100% customizable bagasse tableware to our clients globally.

Bagasse Clamshell—Encouraging Green Living on the Planet

The significant knowledge about global warming and the impact of plastic pollution has changed consumers’ behavior remarkably. These days, people are inclined toward sustainability and green living, which fueled the demand for eco friendly products. Sugar cane bagasse confirms zero carbon and GHG emissions, reducing global warming on the planet. Compostable bagasse clamshell and products are healthier, non-toxic, and renewable substitutes for plastic and disposable packaging.

GangXuan China is the top-priority bagasse tableware manufacturer that delivers high-quality, eco-friendly, and affordable bagasse products internationally. 

Bagasse Clamshell Boxes

Figure 1: Bagasse Clamshell Boxes

In this article, we will uncover comprehensive facts, benefits, and applications of bagasse packaging products. Let’s get started!

Bagasse clamshell – An overview

Sugarcane clamshell box is an eco-friendly packaging made up of 100% renewable sugar cane bagasse. Sugar cane bagasse is a by-product which is received as wet pulp after juice extraction. Mostly, the pulp is wasted or used for burning purposes in the fields after the liquid is extracted; however, the leftover bagasse is a nutrient-rich organic matter that has incredible health and eco-friendly benefits. 

Sugarcane fibers consist of the following constituents;

Pure Cellulose 






Ash and waxes 

Less than 1%

Table 1: Composition of Sugarcane Pulp

Producing sugarcane table ware and related products is the best option to conserve the ecosystem by reducing wastage and thermal pollution. Nowadays, sugar cane bagasse has been utilized for several manufacturing purposes; such as, sugarcane clamshell boxes, cutlery, containers, and packaging. These products are in high demand due to their health and economic benefits. 

The manufacturing process of sugar cane bagasse tableware

Bagasse clamshell production process is robust, including several precise steps to ensure the quality and effectiveness of products. Let’s uncover the manufacturing process of bagasse table ware closely; 

  • After liquid extraction from the sugar cane, the residual pulp is transferred to the screening process. During this procedure, the fresh sugarcane pulps are pretreated and optimized before preparing sturdy bagasse. 
  • The sugar cane pulp is then further cooked and crushed to increase the resistance, sturdiness, and strength of the final product. 
  • After screening and cooking, the sugar cane pulp is diluted in the molding machinery. The semi-wet bagasse goes through vacuum dehydration before the molding process. 
  • Following this, the wet embryos of products are created by linking fibers to various screens of products. 
  • After that, the semi-wet products are processed in hot pressing and molding equipment, where the water content is evaporated at a high temperature. This process ensures the rigidity and durability of the bagasse clamshell and cutlery. 
  • Finally, the bagasse is pressed into several products, such as sugarcane clamshell boxes, salad bowls, containers, and bagasse round bowl, using hot molds. 
  • The semi-finished products are then trimmed to remove raw edges. 
  • After that, the finished products are sent to the quality assurance and inspection process, where the teams detect faulty and ineffective products. 
  • Before dispatching and packaging at the warehouse, the products are sterilized and sanitized to eliminate germs, infectious particles, and toxins from the final product. 

Outstanding benefits of bagasse clamshell

Advantages of Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Advantages of Bagasse Tableware

Sugar cane bagasse has hundreds of exceptional health and eco friendly benefits; let’s discuss some dominant advantages of bagasse table ware; 


Sugar cane pulp is a waste product of the sugar production industry; therefore, it is highly sustainable. Sugar cane can regrow in approximately 10 to 18 months, which make it superior to all other renewable raw material. It is also a tree-free alternative to bamboo and other cork products because it is rapidly renewable without involving the cutting of trees. Switching to bagasse products reduces deforestation and promotes “green lifestyle” on the planet. 


Sugarcane fibers are 100% biological organic matter; thus, involving zero toxins and contamination. It is a natural resource that becomes a plant’s compost after decomposition. Moreover, the entire sugar cane table ware manufacturing process is toxin-free. Bagasse clamshell and products are immensely beneficial because their manufacturing does not involve any chemical treatments or processes. 

Microwave and refrigerator friendly: 

Another noteworthy advantage of bagasse clamshell is its highly resistant nature. Bagasse products are approved to be 100% microwave-friendly as their holding capacity is up to 220°C. Bagasse disposable products can hold hot oil and water easily for an extended period without leakage. In addition, these products are incredibly resistant in the refrigerator and can be used for cold storage purposes. The bagasse clamshell do not leak, soak up or change the taste of food during cold storage. 


The most significant environmental-friendly benefit of bagasse table ware is its compostable nature. These products can decompose within 90 days in humid weather and return the nutritious organic matter to the soil. Sugar cane bagasse is helping the environment to become more green and sustainable. 

Carbon offset: 

Like all other outstanding benefits, the sugar cane pulp clamshell and cutlery are completely carbon offset. Production and manufacturing of bagasse tableware involve zero carbon and greenhouse gases emission. Therefore, sugar cane pulp is a safe and convenient option for disposable packaging. Shifting to bagasse products can substantially reduce global warming on the planet.

Bagasse Clamshell vs. Styrofoam Clamshell—A Comparison 

Bagasse Clamshell

Styrofoam Clamshell

The bagasse clamshell is 100% biodegradable product made with sugarcane pulp

Bagasse is the organic matter that completely decomposes in plant compost within 3 months. 

Bagasse is toxin-free and beneficial for health. 

Sugar cane pulp boxes and clamshell reduces carbon and GHG emission in the atmosphere. 

Bagasse products benefit the plants as nutrient compost after disposal.  

These products do not change the color and taste while heating.

Sugar cane pulp clamshell boxes have a temperature holding capacity of 220°C. 

Bagasse products are affordable and long-lasting. 

Polystyrene Styrofoam products are non-degradable and nonrenewable.


Styrofoam fills the landfill with un-decomposable waste for years and decades. 

EPS products contain several disastrous chemicals and cause serious diseases. 

Due to the burning of fuels, EPS increases CO2 and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Styrofoam tableware harms aquatic life and causes land pollution after disposal. 

Styrofoam products release styrene while heating; thus, causing health issues. 

Styrofoam products also have high insulation and temperature holding capacity. 

EPS products are costly and less durable than bagasse products. 

Table 2: Bagasse Clamshell vs. Styrofoam Clamshell


Why fast-growing industries are switching to bagasse tableware

As the awareness among people regarding plastic usage and littering is rising, consumers have become more conscious. Customers’ mindset has shifted towards safe, chemical-free, and biodegradable products. Fast-growing sectors such as catering, delivery, and take-away have expanded rapidly over the last decade; thus, the demand for eco-friendly packaging has increased. Flourishing sectors have started using bagasse packaging instead of plastic and polystyrene disposable packaging. The latest “greener life” trend has positively impacted the bagasse food packaging product market and valuation. 

List of industries that are using bagasse packaging: 

Except for environmentally friendly features, high-demand industries are switching to bagasse products because of their reliability, durable performance, and thermal resistivity. Let’s discuss some fast-growing business sectors that use eco-friendly sugarcane clamshell boxes and packaging products; 

  • E-commerce meals delivery services 
  • Takeaway kitchens and restaurants
  • Catering and hostility industries 
  • Frozen food suppliers
  • Supermarkets and dine-in restaurants
  •  FMCG products and packaging industry


How to compost sugar cane bagasse clamshell? 

Recycling Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Figure 3: Recycling Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Sugarcane clamshell boxes and table ware products are compostable because they consist of merely organic raw material. The manufacturing process undeniably makes the final bagasse product sturdy, high-strength, and long-lasting; however, it does not impact the composting of the final product. Usually, the composting process takes up to 3 months to completely decompose the bagasse products and return nutrients to the soil. 

Sugarcane clamshell boxes can be either decomposed at home or industrial facility. Home composting takes several weeks to decompose clamshell in the home compost pile. Bagasse products are TUV certified, which claims that these products are safely compostable in the home environment. On the other hand, industrial facilities produce mass compost by setting certain temperatures, pressure, and humidity. 

Are sugar cane bagasse products FDA approved?

Bagasse is an organic matter that has come forward as the safest packaging option owning to its noteworthy features. The sugar cane pulp products are made with 100% decomposable material and conserve the degrading ecosystem. Since bagasse products are toxin-free; these products are FDA approved. Molded fiber food packaging has been labeled as chemical-free material by FDA and SGS. However, the manufacturers strictly need to follow FDA guidelines such as sterilization and sanitization processes to ensure protection. 


Did you know that sugar cane bagasse could become a potential alternative to plastic tableware? Sugarcane clamshell boxes and other cutlery products are reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting food packaging options. The bagasse clamshells are decomposable within 3 months, which makes them the best choice if you are looking for zero wastage and carbon emission products. Particularly, bagasse products’ eco friendly and sustainable nature boosted the product market immensely.

GangXuan is a considerable bagasse table ware supplier in China that offers diverse categories of bagasse products, including clamshell boxes, salad bowls, and bagasse round bowls. We offer free quotation and customization services to our customers. For further inquiries, contact us. Our customer support is available 24/7 to address your queries instantly. 

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