Bagasse Tableware Travel Pack Solution

Sugarcane bagasse products—Sustainable Travel Pack Solution

Background Story:

Neil Whales operates a travel solution retail business in downtown. He offers a variety of travel essentials for road trips, hiking, destination picnics, and parties. His travel pack includes plastic disposable tableware that ends in landfill because people usually throw disposable products after usage. Disposing of discarded plastic, Styrofoam, and paper food packaging products causes high pollution. 

Sustainable Travel Pack Solution-GangXuan

Figure 1: Sustainable Travel Pack Solution-GangXuan

Another major concern of consumers was the spilling and leaking of disposable products during travel. Customers demand reliable tableware items for travel that could be used in cars, buses, train tours, and bike rides. Therefore, Neil Whales was looking for a green alternative that is sturdy and cut resistant.

Mr. Neil was highly concerned about environmental sustainability and quality, so he contacted GangXuan China to find the perfect travel pack solution. He wanted to minimize pollution by selling green and safe products at his retail store. We offered him sustainable and climate-friendly products with high resistant nature. 

Travel Pack Solution: 

GangXuan understood the requirement of the business and presented a healthier and pollution-free alternative travel pack solution. We provided high-quality spill-proof and anti-leakage bagasse tableware. We added lids to the travel tableware products to protect hot beverages, drinks, and oil from spilling on car seats. Our 100% compostable sugarcane bagasse products are pollution-free and nourish the soil after disposal. 

Here are the travel pack tableware items that we manufactured to ensure a safe and happy journey!


The new bagasse tableware products improved the image and motive of Neil’s business. The compostable sugarcane tableware added value to his retail business. It drove more customers toward the brand and increased sales. The consumers appreciated the “green initiative” to protect the planet from waste and environmental pollution. Adding bagasse tableware increased the profit margin of Neil’s travel essential business.

How did choosing bagasse disposable tableware change Neil’s business?

Compostable bagasse tableware

Figure 2: Compostable bagasse tableware

Choosing bagasse tableware products for travel packs solved the problem of sustainability and quality. His customers got satisfied with the quality and environmental-positive features of sugarcane bagasse. Adding premium-quality bagasse tableware helped Neil to scale his small retail business in a competitive market. 

Here are some mind-blowing advantages of sugarcane bagasse products that proved profitable for Mr. Whale’s business. 

  • Biodegradable nature:

The sugarcane bagasse tableware is the most eco-friendly substitute as it is made of 100% organic resources. The bagasse products seep into the soil and turn into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. These products are completely carbon offset and reduce CO2 and Greenhouse gas consumption. 

The compostable feature of bagasse products makes them superior to other eco-friendly materials. It is a tree-free alternative that does not cause deforestation.

  • Green alternative:

Green Tableware

Figure 3: Green Tableware 

The sugarcane bagasse products are made of green organic product that contains zero chemicals and toxins. The manufacturing of sugarcane bagasse tableware does not involve any chemicals or wax lining. This tableware material is 100% BPA and plastic-free. Green tableware products save the environment from non-degradable disposable products. 

  • Cost-effectiveness: 

The sugarcane bagasse is a waste by-product of sugar mills. Bagasse is obtained after removing juice from the sugarcane plant. It is a rapidly renewable resource that takes only 10-18 months for the next harvest. Moreover, the manufacturing of sugarcane bagasse is completely fossil-fuel-free. Therefore, these products are more cost-effective than other disposable options. 

  • Spill-proof feature: 

The sugarcane bagasse tableware is 100% spill and leak-proof. These products are the perfect substitute for disposable plastic products. These travel tableware are sturdy because they do not leak or disintegrate. This feature solves the problem of spilling during travel journeys. 

  • Heat resistant: 

Sugarcane bagasse products also highly heat tolerant. These products can be used for reheating food without the fear of leakage. They can hold hot beverages, oil, and meals up to 220 degrees. 

Why Neil found bagasse the perfect green tableware option?

After trying different eco-friendly tableware options, Neil Whales decided to introduce sugarcane bagasse tableware in his essential travel pack for the following reasons; 

  • Unlike bamboo and cork tableware, bagasse production is tree-free. Bagasse tableware production does not involve plastic and toxic PFAS coating. 
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware is more resistant than paper and other eco-friendly disposable tableware materials. 
  • Sugarcane pulp disposable products are more affordable than Birchwood and palm leaf tableware products. 
  • The bagasse tableware is approved by FDA, BRC, and OK COMPOST. These products are manufactured on health and safety guidelines. 
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware can be customized according to the application requirement. 

If you are looking for a sustainable green alternative to plastic, choose GangXuan’s disposable bagasse products. For free quotes and information, contact us. 

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