3-compartment Rectangle Bagasse Tray
400ml Rectangle Bagasse Tray
402 Rectangle Bagasse Tray
800 Rectangle Bagasse Tray
Rectangle Bagasse Tray
3-compartment Rectangle Bagasse Tray
400ml Rectangle Bagasse Tray
402 Rectangle Bagasse Tray
800 Rectangle Bagasse Tray
Rectangle Bagasse Tray

100% compostable rectangle bagasse tray

  • GangXuan China provides FDA-approved high-quality sugarcane bagasse rectangular trays at affordable prices. 
  • Our bagasse products decompose into organic compost for plants within 90 days. 
  • GangXuan manufacture rectangle bagasse trays in both bleach/unbleached form. These trays are available in two colors, white/natural. 
  • Our sugarcane bagasse trays are microwave and refrigerator safe
  • We offer grammage and mold modification to customers according to their requirements.

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A beginner guide to rectangle bagasse tray


The single-use plastic products are harming the nature cycle effects on the planet. Plastic contains the harmful chemical “Polyethylene Terephthalate,” which contaminates water and landfill and increases global warming.

 If you want to contribute to the “greener planet” initiative, switch to eco friendly bagasse tableware. Sugarcane bagasse products reduce CO2 gas footprints, reduce waste pollution, and promote green living. GangXuan 100% compostable sugarcane bagasse trays supplies  to its customers.

Rectangle Sugarcane Bagasse Tray

Figure 1: Rectangle Sugarcane Bagasse Tray

In this article, we will understand the different types, eco-friendly features, and applications of rectangular sugarcane bagasse trays. Let’s get started; 

What is a rectangle bagasse tray? 

A rectangle sugarcane bagasse tray is a type of packaging product used in various catering sectors. These products are the perfect alternative to heavy-duty cutlery, plastic, and Styrofoam packaging products. The bagasse tableware is highly resistant and sturdy as it can hold hot/cold meals exceptionally. 

The rectangle sugarcane trays are 100% organic and made with a natural and renewable material. Sugarcane pulp is the safest eco-friendly tableware material because it is tree-free, low-cost, and does not demand fossil fuel energy for production. 

Types of rectangular sugarcane bagasse tray:

The catering and hostility industry utilizes various types of rectangle bagasse trays for different applications. Following are some common types of rectangle bagasse pulp trays;

  • Sugarcane bagasse lunch tray with lid
  • Bagasse food meal tray with lid
  • Rectangle packaging trays 
  • Rectangular 5-compartments, 3-compartments trays.

Rectangle sugarcane biodegradable trays are used for takeaway, meal parcels, office meals serving, and cold storage purposes.

Key eco-friendly features of sugarcane bagasse rectangle trays:

Eco-friendly Features of Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Eco-friendly Features of Bagasse Tableware

Here are the most prominent environmental-friendly advantages of sugarcane bagasse trays;

  • “Composting is the ultimate recycling.” Sugarcane bagasse rectangular trays decompose into plant compost in 12 weeks.
  • Bagasse trays are non-toxic and tasteless and do not release any harmful chemicals when heated or placed in refrigerators. 
  • These products do not emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • The sugarcane bagasse reduces thermal pollution as it is fossil fuel free. 
  • Bagasse tableware is a tree-free alternative; thus, it significantly reduces deforestation. 


Sustainable disposable food packaging is the ultimate choice to control global pollution in this fast-growing era. Changing consumer behavior towards eco friendly options can protect the ecosystem. Rectangular sugarcane bagasse trays are the right choice because it performs exceptionally and conserves the environment. For further inquiries, contact us.

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