Top 5 Bagasse Tableware Manufacturers In China

Top 5 Bagasse Tableware Manufacturers In China

As we know, plastic was considered the most common material for making daily used products such as tableware, containers, and so on. But it’s not eco-friendly due to its chemical composition and non-biodegradable nature. 

Top 5 Bagasse Tableware Manufacturers In China

Top 5 Bagasse Tableware Manufacturers In China


Now the world is looking for sustainable alternatives that can help reduce plastic consumption and turn the tide against climate change. The good news is that bagasse tableware’s a much better option.

Do you know bagasse is a sustainable material made from sugar cane? It’s renewable, recyclable, and it doesn’t contain any chemicals. 

According to the future insights market, From 2023 to 2032, the global market for bagasse tableware products is predicted to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 6.7%. Yes, it is true! 

People nowadays become more conscious about the environment and prefer using eco-friendly products like Bagasse tableware.But here, a question arises, where do you find the most quality bagasse tableware product? 

Well, if you are looking for a sustainable solution to your packaging and tableware business needs, below are the top 5 bagasse tableware manufacturers in China that offer high-quality products. 

Let’s discuss this further.

1. GangXuan

The very top on our list is GangXuan, one of China’s leading bagasse tableware manufacturers. Our bagasse products are made from natural sugarcane fiber and meet all food safety standards with FDA-compliant testing. 

Figure 1 Top 5 Bagasse Tableware Manufacturers In China

Being the pioneer and leading bagasse products manufacturer for years, GangXuan can provide you with a wide range of bagasse tableware products such as sugarcane bagasse trays, bagasse disposable plates, bowls, cutlery, and more. Moreover, we also offer customization services to help you create unique and functional packaging solutions that meet your needs.

In 2021, a new GangXuan unit was established in Guangxi, China. Our primary materials are made from bagasse, which is fully natural, renewable, and compostable.

Our team of over 300 employees and 5 production lines utilize advanced equipment to meet your needs and uphold our strict quality control standards. We can process up to 870 tons of pulp per month to produce high-quality food-grade tableware.

Our company prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction, delivering high-quality bagasse tableware to our customers. We offer a full service, including consultation and product delivery, to provide a comprehensive solution to our valuable clients.

So say no more to plastic and join the movement to go green with our bagasse tableware.

Figure 2 GangXuan

2. ZX Packing

As we move a little further down our list, we have ZX Packing. They are one of China’s top bagasse tableware manufacturers that specializes in producing high-quality products from natural sugarcane fiber. Their wide range of products includes plates and bowls, cutlery, trays, and more.

Their factories are designed to meet food safety standards such as FDA, BRC, LFGB, etc. ZX Packing also offers custom designs and solutions for those who need them.

Their team of experienced engineers and technicians is committed to their customers’ satisfaction, making them a reliable partner for any business or individual looking for quality tableware solutions. They offer competitive pricing and attentive customer service, making them one of the top choices in the industry.

So if you’re looking for a quality bagasse tableware supplier, ZX Packing should be your first choice!

3. HEFEI Craft Tableware CO., LTD

Next on our list is HEFEI Craft Tableware Co., Ltd. The company prides itself in its commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. 

Their factory is outfitted with advanced production lines and equipment, which allows them to produce high-quality bagasse tableware that meets strict international standards. 

Established in 2012, HEFEI CRAFT TABLEWARE CO., LTD. has ten years of experience exporting eco-friendly tableware. They aim to provide their clients with quality products and excellent service.

In addition, they offer different designs that allow you to choose the perfect style for your business. They also have a team of experienced designers who can create custom solutions for those who need them. Whether you’re looking for plates, cutlery, or trays, HEFEI Craft Tableware Co., Ltd. should be on your list of potential suppliers.

4. Shenglin Packaging

We have another contender for the best bagasse tableware supplier, Shenglin Packaging. This company has over 15 years of experience supplying eco-friendly disposable tableware to customers worldwide. Many of their food and hospitality industry clients appreciate their attention to detail and superior quality products.

Shenglin Packaging is also proud of its commitment to environmental sustainability, evident in its wide range of bagasse tableware products. 

In terms of quality, Shenglin Packaging is second to none. Their tableware is produced in accordance with international standards, and they use non-toxic materials that are safe for humans and the environment.

 Tableware from Shenglin Packaging can be used for hot and cold dishes, making them an excellent choice for any establishment. The ultimate goal is to provide customers with safe, reliable, and stylish tableware.

5. Zhiben Group

Zhiben Environmental Protection Technology Group is a large enterprise specializing in researching, developing, producing, and applying plant fiber materials that are environmentally friendly. 

The company has a global perspective has continuously integrated resources in ecological and environmental protection since its inception. They have gathered top R&D and technical talents and established an industry-leading production management system.

Zhiben Group produces and distributes bagasse tableware such as plates, cups, and bowls and develops various other eco-friendly products. Their plant fiber material is biodegradable and compostable, reducing the negative impact on the environment. 

Zhiben Group utilizes advanced technologies to ensure their products are high quality and safe for humans. So dont worry about your tableware being fragile because Zhiben Group has that covered.

Wrap up

Deciding between these suppliers can be difficult, as they all offer excellent products. Ultimately, the decision should consider price, quality, and service factors. Opting GangXuan may provide more convenience due to its extensive distribution networks and product variety. Also, our strict quality control procedures ensure safety and reliability.

You can choose any bagasse tableware manufacturer from our list, as they are all committed to producing high-quality products and offering excellent customer service. Feel free to select the one that meets your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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