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If you don’t want to compromise on quality, GangXuan China is the right choice for you. GangXuan provides high-quality bagasse tableware and cutlery at a market-competitive price.

Sturdy and 100% chemical free bagasse cutlery

Our sugarcane bagasse tableware and cutlery are made with organic material without harsh chemical treatments.

GangXuan sugarcane pulp cutlery is highly resistant to hot oil, water, and greasy food with an exceptional holding capacity. We manufacture bagasse cutlery in a 100% toxin-free process to provide healthier, safer, and more reliable natural food packaging options.

Moreover, we offer complete customization of cutlery products according to customers’ desires and requirements.

GangXuan bagasse tableware and cutlery are biodegradable and heat-resistant

GangXuan China provides completely compostable bagasse products that take only 45-90 days to degrade and benefit the soil.

Our bagasse dines ware and cutlery are 100% biodegradable and nourish the soil at its end life. We manufacture bleached and unbleached bagasse cutlery and other products, available in white and natural colors.

Despite eco-friendly features, GangXuan sugarcane cutlery is microwaveable and refrigerator safe with anti-leakage characteristics.

Bagasse Cutlery

Company Profile

GangXuan China is a leading sugarcane pulp tableware manufacturer in China, which is known for its high-quality and eco-friendly products. Our products involve zero-carbon and chemical treatments.

Factory View

GangXuan is a renowned sugarcane pulp dine ware and cutlery manufacturing factory located in Guangxi, China. We proudly announce that we established our new unit in 2021, which is currently in the first phase of production. Our new factory area is about 18,000 sq. ft. We have qualified teams with 330 employees working in the new plant.

GangXuan claims that we have international standard quality assurance tests, including OK COMPOST, FBR, ISO9001, and BRC. Our company aims to achieve environmental sustainability for human welfare.

Bagasse tableware viedo


Related Products

GangXuan offers various products under the cutlery catalog, including eco-friendly disposable knives, forks and spoons. We also manufacture other disposable bagasse tableware products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions regarding bagasse products? In this section, we will answer customers' most frequently asked questions.

GangXuan is one of the top sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturers in China.

We cover a wide range of nature-friendly products, which includes bagasse bowls, cups, eco friendly disposable knives, forks and spoons. Our sugarcane pulp products are free of toxic substances and GHG gases. We produce eco-friendly bagasse products with advanced pressing and molding equipment to ensure the sturdiness of products. 

We should switch to compostable products because these products nourish the soil and reduce wastage in landfill. Sugarcane bagasse cutlery and products are 100% compostable and only take 1.5-3 months to decompose into organic plant compost. 

Yes, absolutely! Our products are 100% microwave and refrigerator safe. The bagasse eco friendly disposable knife, forks and spoons can be heated up to 100°C. These products do not become soggy in the microwave. Moreover, bagasse tableware does not release any toxins when heated.

The estimated shelf life of sugarcane bagasse products is about two and a half years. However, you need to store the products in a dry and moisture-free place. 

GangXuan’s sugarcane bagasse cutlery fulfills the guidelines of the FDA; thus, the products are 100% safe to use. Moreover, we also have OK COMPOST, ISO9001, AND BRC quality assurance certifications. We aim to provide a safe and healthy alternative to plastic products. 

Sugarcane bagasse tableware and cutlery are 100% carbon offset, which means the manufacturing of these products involves zero carbon emission. Surprisingly, only the production of sugarcane plants reduces the carbon footprint and global warming. 

It usually takes 20-25 days for us to deliver bagasse tableware to your address. However, delivery time may vary if you have ordered customized products.

Yes, we offer 100% customization of our bagasse tableware and cutlery. Customers can choose product size, color, bleached/unbleached, and other dimension factors according to their choice.

Customer Testimonials

GangXuan always keeps its customers first because our ultimate goal is to serve them. Let's read out what our satisfied customers have written about our products.

Honestly, quality and affordability are what I always consider. Thanks, GangXuan, for providing premium quality sustainable products at such low prices. The products are far better than Styrofoam and plastic disposable tableware because of their quality and purpose.

Keith Suzie

This bagasse tableware and cutlery changed the whole game of my catering business. I ordered bowls, clamshells, quality eco friendly disposable knife, forks and spoons for my business. Trust me; customer loves the initiative and quality of these tableware products. I would definitely buy it again, thanks.

Matt Albert Hickson

I recently got to know about GangXuan and their eco-friendly tableware. I initially liked the idea and placed the order. But, I was stunned after seeing the delivered products. The texture, quality, and holding capacity of these products are beyond amazing. Thank you, GangXuan, for affordable and sustainable products.

Samuel Darren

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Choose GangXuan China to go green and save the planet. Our products are made with 100% renewable resources with eco-friendly benefits. GangXuan’s bagasse cutlery serves the purpose while ensuring sustainability. 

Bagasse Cutlery—An All-natural Solution

Have you ever thought of the degrading impact of disposable plastic cutlery on the environment? Well! According to the latest research, approximately 8 million plastic items fill our ocean every day. The littering of chemically-treated plastic and paper cutlery impacts marine life, natural reservoirs, and the environment. 

Businesses are coming over with healthier and eco friendly cutlery options such as bamboo, bagasse, and palm leaf to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. GangXuan China is the leading sugarcane tableware supplier that delivers high-quality eco friendly disposable knife, forks and spoons.

Sugarcane Bagasse Cutlery

Figure 1: Sugarcane Bagasse Cutlery 

In this brief article, we will understand sugarcane cutlery, its different types, and its advantages. Let’s get started!

What is Bagasse Cutlery? 

Bagasse tableware and cutlery is a natural and environmental-friendly disposable food packaging option. The eco friendly disposable knife, forks and spoons are made with 100% organic sugarcane bagasse. It is a waste product that comes after sugarcane juice extraction. Research claims that producing 1 ton of sugarcane generates 140 to 280kgs of residual bagasse. Therefore, it is a rapidly renewable resource that does not consume high energy for production. 

With the increased hype in the planet protection movement, catering and takeaway businesses are switching to sugarcane bagasse tableware and cutlery. These bagasse products are sustainable, compostable, and reliable tablewares. 

Different types of bagasse cutlery:

Some of the most common types of sugarcane cutlery are as follows;

Sugarcane bagasse knives are sturdy and rigid. These knives are mostly used for eating takeaway meals and fruits. 

Sugarcane spoons are available in two colors; white and natural. These spoons are also available in different sizes and holding capacities. 

Sugarcane bagasse forks are also widely used as disposable cutlery with ready-made meals. The forks are effective with a high gripping tooth. 

Advantages of sugarcane cutlery products:

Let’s understand the environmental, health, and economic perks of sugarcane cutlery and tableware products; 

  • Since these products are made with 100% compostable material, it takes only 45-90 days for bagasse products to completely degrade into soil fertilizer.
  • Sugarcane cutlery is tasteless; it does not alter the flavor of the meal you are eating with it. 
  • The manufacturing process of sugarcane bagasse cutlery is 100% toxin and chemical-free. Moreover, it is carbon offset.
  • These tableware items are microwave and storage-friendly and thus can be perfectly used for takeaway meal delivery. 
  • Eco friendly disposable knife, forks and spoons do not contain chemicals, harmful bleaching agents, or plastic coatings. 

GangXuan China offers a diverse range of nature-friendly bagasse products, including bagasse clamshells, cups, trays, plates and bowls

Why bagasse cutlery is the right alternative to plastic cutlery?

Composting cycle of sugarcane bagasse tableware

Figure 2: Composting cycle of sugarcane bagasse tableware

Bagasse tableware and cutlery are suitable substitutes for plastic because it is non-damaging, chemical-free, and biodegradable. It protects the environment from hazardous CO2 and GHG gases. Choosing bagasse products over plastic can significantly reduce global landfill and ocean pollution. 


Long-term adaptation to eco-friendly bagasse pulp cutlery products can reduce global warming, waste pollution, and deforestation. It is high time for a profitable business to switch to eco-friendly products to encourage a “livable future.”  GangXuan China offers free customization of sugarcane bagasse tableware to its customers. For further details and quotations, contact us

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