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GangXuan China manufactures the best-quality, anti-leakage, and durable sugarcane bagasse trays.

Our products are made with 100% organic, highly resistant, and sturdy sugarcane fibers.

GangXuan products are eco-friendly and completely compostable. 

Bagasse pulp tray is a chemical-free and non-toxic alternative that benefits health and the environment. 

Our bagasse meat trays are customizable and can be modified in different shapes and sizes. 

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Bagasse meat tray—The most sustainable and practical solution

Do you know single-use plastic products are responsible for 40% of the plastic produced yearly, which takes at least 400 years to break down in nature? It means you are harming wildlife with every meal eaten or delivered in disposable tableware. 

Therefore, reducing planet impact and promoting eco-friendly products is the market trend these days. Bagasse meal trays and related products are environmental-friendly, functional, and reliable food packaging options. 

This brief introductory article will explore the features, advantages, and potential applications of bagasse meal trays. 

So, let’s get straight into it!

What is bagasse meat tray? 

Figure 1 Bagasse Meat Tray

Figure 1: Bagasse tableware product

Keeping meat in plastic and styrofoam trays cause leakage and an unpleasant smell. So, if you want to avoid spilling food, bagasse food trays are the real deal for you. The bagasse tableware is made with residual pulp after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane. 

Sugarcane is a sustainable resource as the plant takes only 10-18 months to regrow. These tableware products are made with 100% organic and renewable resources, which reduces pollution and planet degradation. Bagasse products are manufactured in a reliable manufacturing process with heated molds. 

The advanced manufacturing process makes sugarcane products sturdy, resistant, and functional for keeping and storing food. Moreover, bagasse fiber trays significantly reduce carbon footprint as they use zero fossil fuel energy. 

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Advantages of bagasse meat trays: 

From eco-friendliness to practical usage, bagasse meat trays are the most convenient yet sustainable food packaging option. These products can replace plastic and other disposable single-use products with tremendous benefits. 

Here are some exceptional advantages of bagasse products;

High resistance: 

Bagasse products are designed and manufactured to be highly resistant tableware that can hold hot food up to 100°C without leaking or spilling the food. These trays are resistant to grease, hot oil, and boiling water. 

You can keep fresh meat for up to days in bagasse meat trays for cold storage as it does not change the taste and smell of the food. These bagasse products are anti-soggy, leakproof, and wash-free. Moreover, bagasse tableware is microwave-safe and can be used for reheating purposes. 

Compostable nature:

Figure 2 Compostable Tableware

Figure 2: Compostable tableware

“Every product that you eat in can promote greener and healthier environment.”

One of the most outstanding features of sugarcane bagasse trays is their compostable nature. After using the bagasse products, you can compost them into rich organic fertilizer. These products take 30-90 days under humid conditions. These products can be composted either in a home or commercial setting. 

Carbon offset: 

Figure 3 Carbon offset Bagasse Products

Figure 3: Carbon offset bagasse products

Bagasse tableware is completely carbon offset. The global co2 emissions from fossil fuels and industry increased 5.3% in 2021, reaching a record high of 37.12 billion metric tons. Therefore, it is high time for people to stop utilizing non-renewable resources. 

Bagasse meal trays reduce the CO2 footprint and harmful greenhouse gases from the ecosystem, making the planet safer for future generations. 

Chemical free:

Bagasse meat trays are 100% chemical and toxin-free. Since it comes from an organic resource, it contains zero- toxins and harsh chemicals, phthalates, bisphenols, BPA, and plasticizers. These chemicals are usually present in plastic and styrene products. 

Moreover, bagasse products are not treated with chemical bleach or resin coating for high resistance and aesthetics. 


Do you also think eco-friendly options are more highly-priced than disposable plastic products? It is a mere misconception as bagasse dinnerware is a budget-friendly tableware product. 

Sugarcane bagasse tableware is a cost-effective alternative because it is made of a by-product already available at a lower cost. You can leverage the advantage of the affordability and high quality by switching to bagasse food trays and related products. 

Why are bagasse meal trays better than plastic trays?

Plastic production is the primary cause of environmental pollution and climate change, whether in the food sector or other industries. It has been damaging the ocean and marine life. 

Let’s discuss some salient reasons why bagasse products are superior to plastic tableware;

Bagasse Food Tray

Plastic Tray

Bagasse is an eco-friendly option as it is compostable and biodegradable.

Plastic trays damage to nature as their accumulation is a primary cause of landfill pollution.

Sugarcane meat trays are odor-free. Food can be stored in bagasse trays for weeks without changing the food’s color. 

Plastic or styrofoam products are low-quality; therefore, they soak up and change the smell and color of the product. 

Sugarcane tableware is versatile in terms of application. These products are durable and sturdy.

Plastic trays do not offer flexibility, and they are less reliable than bagasse products.

Sugarcane tableware is healthy and safe to use because they are chemical-free.

Plastic tableware can cause life-threatening diseases due to the presence of chemicals and toxins.  

Bagasse products are cost-effective.

Plastic products are costlier than bagasse products. 

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GangXuan—Making a positive impact on the environment and health

GangXuan is a top-notch bagasse tableware manufacturer that prioritizes high-quality and eco-friendly tableware products. With a team of professionals and our factory, we design efficient products that positively impact the environment. 

We established our new in 2021, which is currently in the first phase of the product. GangXuan new factory has a total area of 18,000 sq. ft and 330 employees working to provide you with premium quality bagasse products. 

Contact us in case of any queries or further assistance. We are available 24/7 to address your concerns.  

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