Best Eco-friendly Sugarcane Cup Manufacturer in China

GangXuan is the top-priority sugarcane bagasse cup supplier that delivers biodegradable bagasse tableware. We manufacture carbon offset dine ware products for environmental sustainability and natural well-being.

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We manufacture a wide range of eco-friendly bagasse products.

Bagasse Cup

GangXuan’s sugarcane cups are 100% compostable and nature-friendly

Our bagasse cups are made with rapidly renewable resource organic matter that takes only 45-90 days to completely decompose into plant compost.

Bagasse tableware is 100% biodegradable, thus conserving the environment and natural habitat. GangXuan’s bagasse cups are a reliable substitute for plastic and disposable products because bagasse dinnerware is healthy, safe, and degradable.

Our eco-friendly products are tasteless, toxic-free, and cause zero wastage.

Carbon offset and reliable biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups

GangXuan’s bagasse cups are manufactured with advanced equipment and do not involve carbon and GHG gases emission.

Our bagasse products are highly resistant to water, oil, and grease. The bagasse cups can hold hot beverages up to 100°C. The production of bagasse cups and cutlery is 100% fossil fuel consumption free. Our bagasse cups are completely spillage free and anti-leakage. These cups are the perfect alternative to paper cups.

biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups

Company Profile

GangXuan is a China-based sugarcane cup manufacturer that provides premium quality sugarcane pulp dinnerware at an affordable price. We are following the initiative of pollution-free natural products for the planet's welfare.

Factory View

GangXuan is a leading sugarcane cup manufacturer having 3 decades of extensive experience in bagasse tableware production. Our factory is located in Guangxi, China, with a total area of about 18,000 sq. ft. We established our new unit in 2021, which is currently in the first phase of production. We have fully automated equipment with 330 employees currently working in our new unit.

GangXuan is certified with quality assurance certifications, including OK COMPOST, ISO9001, BRC, and FDA.

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GangXuan has established a diverse range of sustainable bagasse products for environmental protection. Our bagasse tableware includes cups, cutlery, plates, bowls, boxes, and clamshells.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question regarding bagasse cups? 

In this section, we will address the most frequently asked question by our customers.

GangXuan is the leading sugarcane cup manufacturer that ensures the quality and motive of products.

The company has a tremendous customer base worldwide because our bagasse tableware is 100% compostable and toxin-free. We ensure zero chemical treatment of products in the manufacturing phase to keep them natural and healthy.

Moreover, we proudly claim that we are OK COMPOST and FDA approved. 

Yes, sugarcane cups are 100% leak and spill-proof. These products are sturdy and durable. Bagasse pulp cups can hold hot and cold drinks for long-time.

Bagasse cutlery and cups are better than bamboo, cork, and Birchwood because they are long-lasting, and reliable.

Yes, GangXuan claims to provide 100% carbon offset sugarcane bagasse tableware to save the planet from global warming.

Our manufacturing process is advanced to ensure zero carbon and greenhouse gases emission. Moreover, only the production of sugarcane bagasse pulp reduces carbon footprint significantly. 

Although home composting takes more time than commercial composting, it is still achievable. After using the bagasse products, dump them in a humid environment. It will take 45-90 days for bagasse tableware to compost completely. 

Absolutely, sugarcane bagasse pulp is a waste product that is a rapidly renewable resource.

Bagasse is a by-product and does not demand high energy for production. It takes only 10-18 months to regrow the sugarcane plant and collect bagasse.

The minimum order quantity of GangXuan bagasse tableware depends on the selected category and customization. You can consult our team for further information. 

GangXuan offers free OEM/ODM customization services to its customers globally. We manufacture bagasse tableware according to customers’ desires and requirements.

Delivery time for in-stock products is about 20-25 days. However, for customized and out-stock products, expect delivery within 30-35 days at your doorstep. 

Customers are the core of any business

GangXuan proudly claims that we have over 5000 satisfied customers globally. Let’s find out what our happy customers say about GangXuan;

I am an event organizer, and my customers wanted eco-friendly options with changing trends. I tried several natural disposable product options, but it was always in between quality and affordability. After weeks of research, I discovered GangXuan sugarcane cup manufacturer, and I'm so glad I chose them. Thanks, GangXuan!

Gabrielle Conte

GangXuan’s bagasse tableware is just beyond expectations. I loved that the biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups were spillage free even after pouring hot coffee. I also liked the texture and tasteless features of these products. Thank you, GangXuan, for providing reliable products in such an affordable price range.

Mike Henderson

I am so happy that I am GangXuan’s regular customer. Their products are 100% oil and water-proof, which makes things so easy for me. I keep meals in the fridge for days, and they always look fresh. GangXuan’s bagasse tableware is the best environmental-friendly option because it is reliable and sustainable.

Steven J. Duke

Are you looking for a free quote and additional information?

Are you thinking of switching to sustainable disposable tableware? Bagasse dine-ware and cups are the top choices. GangXuan produces 100% compostable, eco friendly, and durable tableware products globally. For a free quotation, contact us.

Sugarcane Bagasse Cups—Choose Sustainable Living

Did you know that plastic production is directly responsible for global warming? According to a study, one ton of plastic production releases 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide. The adverse impact of plastic and Styrofoam products on the ecosystem has shifted the customer’s interest toward eco-friendly options. 

People are investing in sustainable food packing products to protect the environment. GangXuan China is leading sugarcane cup manufacturer that provides 100% carbon offset bagasse dine ware products. 

Sugarcane Pulp Cups

Figure 1: Sugarcane Pulp Cups

In this article, we learn about sugarcane cups, bagasse coffee cups, their different types, and their benefits. Let’s have a look. 

What are bagasse cups? 

Biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups are environmental-friendly tableware that is made of 100% organic matter called sugarcane bagasse. Sugarcane bagasse is a waste by-product of sugarcane refineries. 

Sugarcane bagasse is the residual pulp that is collected after juice extraction from sugarcane. Bagasse is a rapidly renewable resource that does not cause wastage, pollution, and diseases.

Sugarcane cups and other table-ware products are one of the finest eco friendly options because it is low-cost, biodegradable, and compostable.  

GangXuan China offers a wide range of bagasse tableware and cutlery products, including bagasse clamshells, trays, plates, cups, and lids


Are compostable cups safe to use?

Nature-friendly and compostable tableware

Figure 2: Nature-friendly and compostable tableware

The sugarcane cups are 100% safe and healthier alternatives to disposable food packaging because they are made with natural materials. The bagasse dinnerware has natural look, aesthetic appearance, and texture. These products are available in both bleached and unbleached forms. Our bleaching process does not contain chlorine treatment; instead, we bleach our products with oxygen to ensure zero harmful chemicals.  

Bagasse Cups vs. Paper Cups:

Let’s discover a significant difference between sugarcane cups and paper cups. 

Bagasse Cups

Paper Cups

Bagasse tableware is 100% compostable and nature friendly. 

These table-ware products are only compostable in certain conditions. 

These products are chemical-free, non-toxic, and plastic-free. 

These products contain chemical treatments and plastic lining for sturdiness. 

The bagasse dine ware is a tree-free alternative thus, conserve the natural habitat. 

Paper production involves cutting trees. 

Drinking hot beverages in bagasse pulp cups is 100% safe. 

Drinking hot beverages in these cups increases health risks.  

These products save the environment from landfill and ocean dumping. 

These disposable products cause high wastage production. 

Benefits of sugarcane biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups: 

Let’s discuss some outstanding benefits of sugarcane bagasse pulp cups and dinnerware products. 

  • Sugarcane cups are made with an organic and renewable resource; thus, it is 100% environmental-friendly. 
  • The cups are sturdy, resistant, and long-lasting because they are prepared in advance pressing equipment. 
  • Sugarcane bagasse pulp cups have a high holding capacity with microwave-safe and freezer-safe features. 
  • The bagasse products are toxin-free, 100% pure, and do not contain any harmful chemicals. 
  • These cups can hold hot beverages and drinks for an extended period without spilling. 
  • The composting cycle of sugarcane pulp products reduces carbon footprints and ensures a healthier atmosphere. 


Sugarcane cups are the safest eco-friendly tableware products contributing to environmental sustainability and greener lifestyles. The bagasse dines ware products protect the planet from CO2 and GHG gases, reducing global warming on the planet. For further information, contact us

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