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GangXuan has promoted a greener lifestyle with eco-friendly and sustainable bagasse burger boxes. We claim to provide 100% compostable tableware that reduces landfill pollution and CO2 footprints. GangXuan excels in the quality and effectiveness of packaging products. 

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Biodegradable Box Products

GangXuan offers a diverse collection of disposable bagasse packaging products such as bagasse plates, trays, bowls, cups with lids, and cutlery products. The entire product line is chemical-free and eco-friendly.

bagasse burger clamshell

Bagasse clamshell

The sugarcane bagasse clamshell is a food packaging product that is sturdy with microwave and refrigerator-friendly features. The clamshells come with a cover, thus keeping the meal hot and fresh for an extended period without changing its taste.

Bagasse Tray with lid

Bagasse tray with lid

The bagasse trays with lids are available in different sizes and holding capacities. These trays are ideal for travelling and packing food. Bagasse trays can hold hot meals up to 100°C. They are also easily usable in microwave and freezers.

Bagasse Burger Bowls

Bagasse bowls

The bagasse bowls are made with toxin-free raw material and used for food takeaway purposes. The sugarcane bagasse bowls keep the meals, salads, and soups fresh and do not change their smell.

Factory View

GangXuan manufacture reliable and plastic-free packaging alternative for environmental sustainability. Our new unit was established in 2021 with a production capacity of 870 tons monthly. Our factory comprises about 18,000 sq. ft. area, and currently, 330 employees are working in the new plant.

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GangXuan’s primary goal is to provide sustainable and affordable eco-friendly tableware. We offer grammage and mould customization services to help our customers get what exactly they want!

Bagasse burger box—A brief introduction

Did you ever think that the disposable boxes you eat into end up dumping in landfill or oceans? 

According to the report, 63% of the total 258 million tons of solid waste generated in the U.S in the year 2014 was disposable food packaging.

Therefore, the bagasse burger box is the perfect alternative to toxic disposable food packaging. Sugarcane pulp products are resistant, durable, and safe. Let’s discover more about it in this brief introductory guide.

Bagasse burger box:

Figure 1 Bagasse Burger Box

Figure 1: Bagasse burger box

A sugarcane burger box is a compostable and pollution-free substitute for plastic and Styrofoam disposable boxes. These food containers are made with 100% natural resources called sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane pulp is a sustainable and renewable resource that takes only 10-18 months to regrow.

Despite environmental-friendly features, the bagasse hamburger box is highly resistant to heat, water, and hot oils. These boxes can hold the burger and other meals hot without leakage. Moreover, they are toxin and chemical-free.

To contribute to the green initiative, take a step forward with GangXuan’s eco-friendly burger boxes

How does the bagasse burger box contribute to saving the planet?

  • Sugarcane burger box completely decomposes into plant soil and promotes a greener planet.
  • It reduces GHG emissions and contributes to planet stability.
  • The bagasse packaging considerably scales down the land and water bodies’ pollution.
  • The eco-friendly sugarcane burger boxes do not impact planetary health; thus, they conserve nature.

What are the potential applications of bagasse burger boxes?

The sugarcane disposable burger boxes are popular in several food sectors. Some of the wide applications of sugarcane burger boxes are as follows;

  • These containers are useful for carrying food in professional workspaces and offices.
  • These bagasse hamburger boxes are useful for packing children’s lunch boxes for schools.
  • They are used for takeaway and food delivery in restaurants.
  • People also use bagasse hamburger boxes for cold storage and food reheating purposes.

To understand more, check out our in-depth article on biodegradable bagasse food packaging

Bagasse burger box vs. Styrofoam burger box:

  It is 100% compostable and made from a natural resource.

It is made of styrene chemical and utilizes fossil fuel for manufacturing.

It releases zero toxins and chemicals while heating or storing in a refrigerator.

Styrofoam packaging rapidly releases harmful chemicals.

The bagasse hamburger box takes 30-90 days to decompose into plant compost.

It takes decades to decompose and is a major constituent of landfill and ocean pollution.

It is biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable.

Only limited types of Styrofoam packaging are recyclable.

It is microwave-friendly and can be used for cold storage.  

It is not safe for heating meals because it releases toxins when heated.

GangXuan—A trustworthy sugarcane bagasse box manufacturer and supplier:

GangXuan is the leading bagasse flatware manufacturer that primarily focuses on high-quality eco-friendly products. The company assembles packaging products with 100% natural sugarcane fibres in pressing moulds.

We ensure that the bagasse hamburger boxes are high-resistant, unbreakable, and sturdy. They keep the food hot and fresh with well-fitted lids. The burger boxes can be used for stacking in the refrigerator or reheating in the microwave.

The company claims its bagasse boxes are FDA approved and qualified for commercial and domestic use. So, ditch the disposable plastic container and choose an eco friendly bagasse burger to carry your lunch tomorrow!

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