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GangXuan is the top sustainable bagasse tableware manufacturer in China. We aim to reduce plastic usage and promote nature sustainability with sugarcane bagasse tableware. Our sugarcane dinnerware is 100% biodegradable and natural.

We have over 30 years of experience in eco-friendly tableware manufacturing. We provide premium quality and reliable flatware to our customers.

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Sugarcane bagasse products

GangXuan offers a diverse range of eco-friendly bagasse tableware for different applications. We claim that our products fulfill the food safety standards of the FDA.

Bagasse chip box

Bagasse chip box:

Sugarcane fiber chip boxes are sturdy food packaging products that keep the food hot for longer. These boxes come in different sizes and holding capacities. These boxes are available in white and natural colors.

Sugarcane chip plates

Sugarcane chip plates:

Chip plates are popular flatware for serving food at outdoor parties, Christmas events, and birthday parties. They are spill-proof and microwaveable, so, useful for serving appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Sugarcane bagasse round plates are available in different sizes (6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 inches).

Bagasse chip bowls

Bagasse chip bowls:

Bagasse chip bowls are a sustainable food packaging option mainly used during traveling. These bowls are available with or without lids so that customers can use them accordingly. These bowls are commonly available in 12OZ to 32OZ food holding capacities.

Bagasse chip tray

Bagasse chip tray:

Sugarcane chip trays are perfect for eating and carrying food to offices and schools. These trays are square in shape and available with different compartments such as 2, 3, and 5. Their heat capacity is 100°C, and they can easily carry greasy, oily, or hot food.

Sugarcane Cups

Sugarcane cups:

Sugarcane bagasse cups are an anti-leakage compostable tableware option. It carries hot and cold beverages without spilling or cutting. They are used as packaging products in coffee shops and takeaway restaurants. Moreover, bagasse cups do not burn hands while holding hot beverages in them.

Factory View

GangXuan is the leading sugarcane bagasse dinnerware factory with an 18,000 sq. ft factory area. We established our new unit in 2021 with 330 employees and 870 tons/monthly production capacity. We have 20 Auto Robot Arm and 20 forming combined trimming machines.

We are FDA, ISO9001, BRC, DIN CERTCO, FDA, and OK COMPOST certified.

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GangXuan offers high-quality bagasse tableware at affordable prices. We provide 100% mold and grammage customization, so you get what you want!

Bagasse chip tray–Promote greener lifestyle

Do you want to carry chips in exciting yet sustainable food packaging? We got an easy and safe solution for you. The bagasse chip tray is reliable, eco-friendly, and biodegradable. 

Bagasse chip trays and other packaging products are completely chemical-free. They do not contaminate the environment with harmful toxins and waste pollution. 

GangXuan China manufactures high-quality and sustainable bagasse products to promote a greener and healthier lifestyle. Let’s closely understand bagasse trays in this brief guide.

Bagasse fiber tray:

Figure 1 Bagasse Chip Tray

Figure 1: Sugarcane bagasse tableware 

Bagasse chip boxes and trays are sturdy, highly resistant, and strong food packaging products. They are made with thick sugarcane plant fiber in hot-pressing molds. They are anti-leakage and resistant to hot oils, grease, and boiling water. 

These trays can bear 100°C optimum temperature without spilling or cutting the product. Moreover, bagasse tableware does not change the color and taste of food.

So, if you want to keep your food hot for hours, bagasse chip trays are what you are looking for.

Is bagasse chip tray carbon offset?

Figure 2 Carbon-offset Bagasse Packaging Products

Figure 2: Carbon-offset bagasse packaging products

Yes, the sugarcane chip tray is 100% CO2 and other greenhouse gases offset. The entire manufacturing process of bagasse tableware products is carbon-free. 

In addition, the consumption of sugarcane bagasse reduces the carbon footprint massively. Bagasse tableware production does not require fossil fuel energy; thus, they do not emit carbon dioxide or any harmful gases in nature. 

Switching to bagasse tableware will minimize earth warming, airborne pollution, and non-renewable energy consumption.

Is bagasse tableware products renewable?

Bagasse tableware products are made with 100% natural sugarcane pulp. This pulp is collected after extracting juice from the sugarcane plant. It is a residual by-product that is usually used as burning fuel. 

Bagasse comes from the sugarcane plant, which is a rapidly renewable resource. It takes only 9-16 months to regrow in warm weather. However, the regrowth cycle takes 12-24 months in cold weather. 

Therefore, it regrows faster and does not consume any non-renewable energy resources. It is highly reliable, compostable, and low-cost. 

What are bagasse food packaging products used for?

Since these products are nature-friendly and long-lasting, food sectors are switching to bagasse tableware swiftly. Bagasse food packaging products are used for several purposes, such as;

  • Carrying fast food in restaurants or takeaway. 
  • Food delivery and take-out meals.
  • Keeping salads, fruit, and fresh meat in the refrigerator. 
  • Carrying school lunch boxes or snacks to the office. 
  • Serving beverages in coffee bars and stalls. 

GangXuan–China’s leading sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer: 

GangXuan is a certified sugarcane bagasse tableware supplier in China. We use 100% natural sugarcane fibers to manufacture strong bagasse dishware products. Our bagasse chip tray and other products are compostable, non-toxic, and long-lasting. 

We offer a wide collection of bagasse tableware, including trays, plates, cups, clamshells, and containers. Our products are affordable and high-quality. 

So, if you want a 100% biodegradable green alternative to plastic, bagasse is the ultimate solution. 

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