12oz Bagasse Round Bowl
14oz Bagasse Round Bowl
20oz Bagasse Round Bowl
32oz Bagasse Round Bowl Lid
32oz Bagasse Round Bowl
12oz Bagasse Round Bowl
14oz Bagasse Round Bowl
20oz Bagasse Round Bowl
32oz Bagasse Round Bowl Lid
32oz Bagasse Round Bowl

Best bagasse round bowls for a sustainable environment

  • GangXuan manufactures the most versatile bagasse round bowls, which are 100% nature-friendly
  • Our products degrade in organic soil compost, which promotes the “greener planet” initiative. 
  • Our round bagasse bowls have an incredible holding capacity and work flawlessly on high temperatures such as 100°C to 220°C.
  • GangXuan China offers microwave-friendly, refrigerator-safe and non-toxic bagasse tableware
  • Our products are customizable and available in two different colors (white/natural) in both bleached and unbleached forms.

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GangXuan has a diverse range of eco-friendly products that have high resistance and sturdy nature.

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Bagasse Round Bowl—a Beginner friendly Guide


Since landfill and ocean pollution has become a global issue, we should take practical steps toward environmental protection. People are moving towards nature-friendly products and activities to conserve natural resources. 

Imagine your salad bowl turning into fresh lettuce; round bagasse bowls work the same way. Bagasse products are an environmental-friendly alternative that sustains the ecosystem and promotes healthy living. In addition, bagasse packaging is a highly resistant option. GangXuan China is the leading tableware manufacturer that provides sturdy eco-friendly bagasse products.

Round Bagasse Bowls

Figure 1: Round Bagasse Bowls 

In this guide, we will acknowledge fundamental information, applications, and advantages of biodegradable dinnerware. 

What is a bagasse round bowl? 

Sugarcane round bowls are prominently used in the food sector for serving and delivery purposes. Sugarcane pulp products are made from the by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry. Sugar cane pulp is a residual product that would otherwise be burned in fields. Bagasse bowls save the environment from chemicals. 

Bagasse food packaging is 100% biodegradable; thus seeps into the soil as an organic fertilizer. These table ware products are anti-soggy and do not release toxins on heating. 

Is sugarcane bagasse a healthy resource?

Bagasse is a very healthy natural resource that reduces wastage and environmental pollution. Moreover, the composition of sugarcane pulp is 100% safe and healthy.

Bagasse pulp is composed of;

  • 40-50% cellulose 
  • 25-30% hemicellulose 
  • 10% lignin, wax, etc.

Why do thriving businesses prefer bagasse tableware

As the hype about conserving nature is rapidly increasing, people are switching to eco friendly options. Businesses are also adopting healthy and sustainable business models according to consumer behavior. Let’s discuss why fast-growing sectors prefer biodegradable packaging;

  1. High market demand:

According to the latest market report, the bagasse plates market has expanded from a volume of 1,939 million units in 2021. Millennial consumers prefer sustainable options; therefore, the market value of bagasse products is increasing. Moreover, the eco-friendly product market will continue to grow in the next decade. 

  2. Compostable feature:

Compostable bagasse bowls

Figure 2: Compostable bagasse bowls

Compostable is the ultimate recycling.” The biggest perk of the bagasse pulp product is its nature-friendly feature. Unlike plastic, bagasse disposable bowls do not release harmful toxins. The bagasse bowls decompose into soil compost within 3 months and provide nutrition to the plant. This characteristic promotes a green environment, healthy soil, and a sustainable ecosystem on the planet.

  3. Affordability:

Bagasse bowls and cutlery products are a cost-effective alternative, ensuring affordability and durability. The manufacturing of bagasse is chemical and fossil-fuel-free; thus, these products are super affordable. They are lightweight, low-cost, and less power-consuming dinnerware options. 

Which food sectors use bagasse round bowls? 

Bagasse bowls and cutlery products are widely used in different sectors of catering and hostility services. The product market of bagasse table ware is accelerating due to its aesthetic appearance and eco-friendliness. Following are the food departments that use bagasse food bowls;

  • Takeaway:

Takeaway food has become a norm post-global pandemic; therefore, restaurants are switching to disposable bagasse packaging to promote green living and enhance the consumer experience. 

  • Dine-in restaurants/cafes:

Dine-in restaurants are also using salad bowls, spill bowls, and cutlery for serving meals. These products are sent to commercial settings for composting after usage. In this way, bagasse bowls and related products maintain the ecosystem and the natural cycle of life. 

  • Food delivery:

Bagasse bowls and dineware products are also used in the food delivery sector. The sugarcane packaging is sturdy and anti leak; therefore, it can carry food for an extended period. Sugarcane table ware is used for the delivery of fruits, cooked meals, salads, and fast-food meals. 

  • Frozen Storage: 

Another common application of bagasse pulp bowls is frozen storage. The bagasse round bowls with lids can be kept in the refrigerator because they do not release toxins. Moreover, sugar cane bowls maintain the taste and freshness of frozen food.  


Bagasse round bowls are a better alternative to paper and tree disposable cutlery. If we switch to bagasse packaging, fossil fuel energy consumption will decrease rapidly. These products are safe, tree-free, and highly resistant. For further information and quotation, contact us

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