Picnic tableware Solution

Picnic Tableware Solution

Picnic Tableware Background Story: 

Phil Joseph is a young entrepreneur who owns a picnic tableware business in the United States. A few years back, he started this business but unfortunately could not make it big. Mr. Joseph wanted to invest in eco-friendly picnic products to attract customers. Therefore, he chose GangXuan as the right picnic tableware solution. 

Perfect Picnic Tableware Solution

Figure 1: Perfect Picnic Tableware Solution-GangXuan

He initially created a brand that allows customers to enjoy picnics with disposable and affordable dinnerware. However, the quality of paper and plastic products was the biggest turnoff. His customer base was not satisfied with the durability and pollution-causing characteristics of the products. 

Phil felt responsible for constructive change in his business initiative and wanted to adopt greener productsthat are also durable and cost-effective. The young 24 years old entrepreneur asked for customized, picnic-friendly, and durable bagasse tableware.

Prototyping the picnic tableware solution: 

We understood his business goal and provided the safest yet most affordable solution for his picnic tableware business. We acted upon the instruction and manufactured high-quality customized picnic tableware products that are 100% compostable. Phil’s goal was to enhance brand awareness and customer experience with effective and nature-friendly products. 

GangXuan China customized the tableware products to make them an effective choice for picnics and outdoor parties. We manufactured the following picnic products according to the requirements; 


The compostable picnic tableware generated high leads and sales for the business plan. The eco-friendly feature strengthens customer experience and increased brand awareness to conserve the environment. High-strength and durable GangXuan products enhanced customer relationships with the growing brand. Mr. Phil Joseph is pleased with his business.

How has bagasse tableware increased the market value of Phil Joseph’s business?

Sugarcane biodegradable tableware

Figure 2: Sugarcane biodegradable tableware

As an underdeveloped business, Phil faced several challenges to scale his picnic item business. After choosing sugarcane dine-ware products, his customers got what exactly they needed. GangXuan solved the problem of quality and appealing edge for the business.

The most advantageous benefits of bagasse tableware for growing business are as follows;

Market Trend:

These days, the market trend is changing because millennium customers are choosing the green alternative of plastic and Styrofoam. According to the report, the application demand for bagasse tableware in the food sector will increase by 89% by 2031. People are becoming responsible due to high awareness about planet protection. Customers are shifting towards sustainable products; thus, the capital market of bagasse tableware is expanding. 

High quality:

Sugarcane bagasse products are a high-quality green alternative manufactured in advanced pressing equipment. The bagasse products are sturdy and highly resistant, and they can hold hot food up to 100-220 degrees. These tableware products are microwave and freezer safe. They are leak-proof and anti-soggy. Moreover, bagasse dinnerware is tasteless and highly tolerant. 

Compostable feature: 

100% Compostable Eco-friendly Products

Figure 3: 100% Compostable Eco-friendly Products

The eco-friendly feature of bagasse tableware makes it a better option than other green tableware products. These products are made with 100% pure sugarcane fibers. Bagasse tableware product decomposes into organic fertilizer within 90 days. These products are FDA, and OK Compost approved. Compostable dine-ware nourishes the soil and protects the environment from GHG gases. Sugarcane pulp tableware promotes a healthier lifestyle on the earth. 


The best feature of sugarcane disposable picnic tableware is its reliability. These products are perfect for a picnic and outdoor parties as they have incredible holding capacities and resistance. For example, bagasse cups can hold hot beverages without spillage; therefore, they perform far better than plastic or paper cups.

Why Mr. Phil chose bagasse tableware over single-use tableware products?

Mostly, single-use packaging products are made with plastic, paper, or polystyrene. These products are unhealthy and degrade the environment significantly. The latest environment report concludes that up to 12.7 million tonnes enter water bodies every year. 

Phil Joseph chose sugarcane bagasse products as the sustainable option. Following are the reasons why he selected bagasse tableware;

Toxin and chemical-free:

Chemical-free Natural Tableware

Figure 4: Chemical-free Natural Tableware 

The toxins released from plastic products are becoming a primary cause of landfill and ocean pollution. Bagasse products are 100% toxin-free. This tableware does not contain any harsh chemicals such as BPA and styrene. Bagasse dine-ware is completely biodegradable and ensures zero chemicals and toxins are released into the environment. 


As a disposable tableware option, sugarcane products are reliable and long-lasting. The bagasse tableware products work incredibly for an extended time. The sugarcane tableware can be stored in the refrigerator for days. They do not become soggy or change the taste of food. 


GangXuan – Sugarcane bagasse manufacturer allows grammage and mold modification to their customers. The unique appearance and customized size and dimensions are according to the application. 

If you are thinking of buying the safest yet budget-friendly tableware, choose no other than GangXuan. For a free quote, contact us. 

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