Bagasse Food Packaging

Biodegradable Bagasse Food Packaging

Biodegradable bagasse food packaging has impacted the environment enormously. From toxic by-products to harmful gases emission, single-use packaging is the primary cause of the planetary crisis. With the increasing global temperature, there is an urgency to adopt sustainable practices to reduce the risks of global warming, climate change, and loss of biodiversity.

The biodegradable bagasse food packaging is an initiative to reduce waste pollution and encourage “greener life” on the planet. GangXuan China is a leading sugarcane bagasse  food packaging products manufacturer which provides premium quality bagasse tableware.

biodegradable bagasse food packaging

Figure 1: Biodegradable bagasse food packaging

In this article, we will profoundly understand biodegradable bagasse packaging, its types, and its advantages. Let’s get into it!

What is biodegradable bagasse food packaging? 

It is an environmental-friendly option that degrades into the soil and reduces waste disposal. Sugarcane bagasse is the most sustainable food packaging that decomposes into nutrient-rich compost within 45-90 days. 

Biodegradable bagasse food packaging is made of 100% organic sugarcane fibers that are renewable, sturdy, and eco friendly. Bagasse is a promising wood-free alternate that does not cause deforestation and endanger natural habitat. 

The sugarcane plant is a rapidly renewable resource that takes only 8-10 months to grow. It concludes that the manufacturing material of biodegradable bagasse food packaging is highly beneficial for the economy, environment, and health. 

Different types of bagasse packaging used in the food packaging industry: 

With the changing trend and consumer behavior, catering and restaurant businesses are adopting eco-friendly products. Growing businesses are now utilizing biodegradable bagasse food packaging for environmental sustainability. 

Let’s understand the different types of sugarcane bagasse products the food industry use mostly for packaging purposes; 

Sugarcane Clamshells

Figure 2: Sugarcane Clamshells

Bagasse clamshells are the most used type of food packaging for takeaway meals. The sugarcane bagasse clamshell is highly-resistant to hot food, and they do not soak up. The clamshells can hold hot food up to 100°C. The eco friendly clamshells are available in different sizes, compartments, and holding capacities.

Bagasse trays are another popular food packaging product used for serving food. Bagasse pulp trays are the perfect substitute for heavy-duty tableware at restaurants because it serves the purpose and protects the environment. They are made with pressing molds, so these trays are long-lasting. 

  • Sugarcane Food Containers: 

Sugarcane bagasse containers are the perfect packaging option for cold storage and delivery purposes. These containers are 100% microwave safe and refrigerator-friendly. The sugarcane containers do not release harmful BPA chemicals after microwaving. Bagasse food containers are available in white and natural colors. The sizes are customizable according to the customer’s desire. 

Bagasse Lunch and Packaging Boxes

Figure 3: Bagasse Lunch and Packaging Boxes

Packaging and lunch boxes are commonly used biodegradable bagasse food packaging. These are very useful for carrying meals; thus, used in offices, schools, and workspaces. These packaging boxes come with bagasse cutlery and lids for eating purposes. A consumer can compost it after using the product for nature enrichment. 

Why are millennial consumers switching to bagasse packaging? 

Features of Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Figure 4: Features of Sugarcane Bagasse Products

According to a new report, the carbon dioxide emission due to fossil fuels and industries has reached 34.81 billion metric tons in 2020. To converse the ecosystem, customers are shifting toward eco-friendly options. Although there are many sustainable packaging materials, bagasse products are gaining massive market value. 

Let’s discuss some outstanding perks of biodegradable bagasse food packaging that are making bagasse packaging customer’s top-priority;  

  • Versatility: 

Sugarcane bagasse products are versatile and useful for various purposes. They are useful for packaging, delivery of food, serving, and dine-in purposes. The bagasse tableware is unique and not limited to a single application. These products can be used on both domestic and commercial scales. 

  • “Being Green” Initiative:

The hype in the “being green” initiative is addressing global issues such as pollution, global warming, and species endangerment. Customers are investing in biodegradable bagasse food packaging to reduce carbon footprint, waste pollution, and deforestation. Sugarcane bagasse products are the perfect green replacement for disposable plastic products. The bagasse compostable storage containers are 100% biodegradable, tree-free, and nature-friendly. 

  • Durability: 

Disposable compostable bagasse packaging is long-lasting that allows durable performance. The sugarcane bagasse containers have extended life and outstanding features. They can hold hot food up to 100°C. The bagasse tableware is also refrigerator and storage-safe. 

  • Health benefits: 

Despite environmental-positive features, sugarcane pulp has tremendous health benefits. It is a toxin and chemical free because it is 100% natural and organic. Sugarcane bagasse is renewable material whose manufacturing does not involve any chemical or chlorine treatment.  

  • Customization: 

Sugarcane bagasse packaging has OEM and ODM customization features. The manufacturers provide holding capacity, color, size, and dimension customization to their customers. So, customers can order products according to their requirements. 

Why is bagasse the right alternative to plastic food packaging? 

Sugarcane bagasse is a suitable replacement for micro-plastic because;

  • It is a low-cost and rapidly renewable resource.   
  • It is made with 100% natural raw materials. 
  • It is compostable in both home and commercial settings.
  • It is toxin and carcinogen-free.
  • It does not cause landfill and ocean pollution.
  • It protects the environment and wildlife.
  • It reduces global warming and air pollution. 
  • It lower chronic diseases and health issues.
  • It does not release chemicals when heated.

How are bagasse sugarcane products the best eco-friendly option? 

Although there are several biodegradable food packaging options; such as bamboo, cork, palm leaf, and Birchwood. However, sugarcane bagasse products are the best environment-friendly food packaging option because the tableware is compostable, renewable, and does not demand tree cutting. Unlike other biodegradable options, sugarcane bagasse products are highly resistant to heat. 

The bagasse pulp is a rapidly renewable resource that is carbon and fossil-fuel offset. It has the compostable characteristic that benefits the soils and promotes “greener life” on the planet. Moreover, it is a tree-free alternative, thus conserving the forests and wildlife. 

Leading biodegradable bagasse food packaging manufacturers in China: 

Now, you must be thinking about where to buy reliable bagasse food packaging? We got you! Let’s discuss the top 3 biodegradable bagasse packaging manufacturers in China. Let’s have a look;  


GangXuan China is one of the renowned bagasse product manufacturers in China. The GangXuan factory is located in Guangxi, China. The supplier has advanced automated pressing equipment and an experienced team. The company provides 100% chemical-free, long-lasting, and compostable bagasse products. 

GangXuan does not coat its products with resin or plastic coating to ensure zero-plastic usage in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the company is OK COMPOST, FBR, AND ISO9001 certified. 

Omnando Tableware: 

Omnando Tableware is another famous bagasse products manufacturers located in Hangzhou city, China. The company is known for its unique and nature-friendly bagasse food packaging products. The company provides biodegradable products that are carbon and harmful gases-free. In addition, the supplier has BRC, BPI, and OK COMPOST certifications. 

Trendz Green:  

Trendz Green is a reliable sugarcane bagasse packaging manufacturer in China. The company has a large production capacity with fully automated equipment. Trendz Green supplies wooden, sugarcane bagasse, CPLA, and craft paper biodegradable packaging globally. The supplier also claims to provide OEM/ODM customization services to its customers. 


Consumer shift towards planet sustainability has made bagasse products popular in the food packaging industry. The bagasse compostable products are highly functional with non-toxic nature, thus becoming the safest green alternative to plastic and Styrofoam food packaging. 

The outstanding advantages, eco-friendly features, and compostable nature of biodegradable bagasse food packaging have made it the finest choice for the catering and hostility industry. GangXuan China offers a wide range of compostable bagasse packaging products such as packaging boxes, lunch boxes, sugarcane containers, and bagasse food containers

For further information and free quotation, contact us. Our customer care team is 24/7 responsive to address customers’ queries and concerns. 


Can we use bagasse for food packaging?

Yes, sugarcane bagasse is one of the healthiest food packaging materials made with 100% organic matter. Sugarcane bagasse is a residual fibrous part of sugarcane, which would be wasted otherwise. It is a biodegradable and safe natural resource for food packaging. The manufacturing process of bagasse tableware makes the products sturdy, highly resistant, and long-lasting. 

Therefore, biodegradable bagasse food packaging is the best green eco-friendly food packaging made with raw material. 

Are bagasse products environmentally friendly?

Absolutely, sugarcane bagasse is renowned for its environment and nature-friendly features. The bagasse pulp tableware products are compostable, non-toxic, and carbon offset. The sugarcane bagasse production does not leave any carbon footprint, contributing to reducing earth warming. 

The compostable characteristic of biodegradable bagasse food packaging nourishes the soil and initiates green living. Moreover, switching to bagasse products can practically decrease GHG emissions. 

Who is the best biodegradable bagasse food packaging manufacturer in China?

If we talk about the best sugarcane bagasse products manufacturer, GangXuan is the name that comes to mind right away. GangXuan China is the most prominent bagasse tableware supplier that believes in providing nature-friendly and effective dinnerware products. We have 330 qualified employees with fully automated production equipment. 

We have FDA, ISO9001, BRC, and OK COMPOST certifications with experienced teams working in the factory. Our goal is to serve the customers and save natural territory for a better future.biodegradable bagasse food packaging

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