Bagasse Tableware Home Pack Solution

Reliable Bagasse Tableware Home Pack Solution

Bagasse tableware Home Pack-Background Story:

Steve Jordan owns an e-commerce business that supplies disposable home pack tableware and decorative products in California. The disposable home-pack tableware products are used for family gatherings, birthdays, thanksgiving, and other parties. 

Bagasse tableware Home Pack Solution

Figure 1: Bagasse tableware Home Pack Solution

Recently, he has seen a drastic sales downfall in his business as customers were complaining about the adverse impact and look of plastic and paper tableware products. He invested in wooden and paper tableware in his family pack, but it proved unprofitable. After comprehensive research, Steve decided to introduce eco-friendly bagasse dinnerware products. Hence, he chose GangXuan China!

He was looking for a reliable sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer that provides sustainable and supreme quality bagasse products. Mr. Jordan was impressed by the “go green initiative” of GangXuan; thus, he discussed his queries with us. He wanted customized bagasse tableware products that are also highly resistant and affordable. 

We offered the following solution to his problem;

Bagasse tableware Home Pack Solution: 

We analyzed his business core and provided an eco-friendly and high-quality solution. We created sustainable disposable products of premium quality to improve customer relationships. The home package should serve at least 20-25 guests at a time. Therefore, we offered customized bagasse tableware, and the bagasse tableware home pack items include; 


The addition of sustainable sugarcane tableware in the home package items increased traffic in this store. The customer became interested in buying compostable products that look aesthetic and also benefit the planet. High demand and a satisfied customer base rapidly boosted the annual revenue of Steve’s e-commerce store. 

Mr. Steve Jordan was delighted with our solution as it increased his sales, built a profitable brand image, and reduced overall costs. 

How bagasse tableware changed the life of Steve Jordan?

Sugarcane bagasse products are 100% organic, reliable, and eco-friendly. In the beginning, Steve was skeptical about the look and quality of bagasse products. However, sugarcane bagasse tableware changed his life and business due to its following outstanding perks;

  • Sustainability: 

Sustainable Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Sustainable Bagasse Tableware

Customers these days are shifting towards sustainable products rather than heavy-duty tableware. These single-use products are efficient, low-cost, and safe. The sugarcane bagasse products are organic and 100% toxin-free. These products do not contain any wax or resin lining. Moreover, sugarcane tableware is BPA and plastic-free. 

Unlike plastic and styrene disposable packaging, bagasse is completely carbon offset. The manufacturing of these products does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Most significantly, bagasse tableware becomes the plant’s compost after its usage. 

  • Affordability:

Replacing plastic and Styrofoam products with bagasse tableware significantly reduced the cost of the family pack Steve offered in his store. Bagasse products are made with a rapidly renewable resource that takes only 10-18 months to regrow. These plant-based products do not demand fossil fuel energy and high-grade machinery for manufacturing. Therefore, sugarcane pulp tableware is the most affordable option for environmental sustainability. 

  • Subtle Appearance: 

The sugarcane bagasse tableware has an aesthetic and subtle appearance. It looks perfect for occasions, house parties, and hosted events. The unique look of compostable bagasse tableware enhances the customer’s experience. 

  • High resistance:

The bagasse products are made in pressing equipment, which increases the sturdiness and rigidity of the final product. The sugarcane tableware can hold meals, hot beverages, and drinks without leaking. The heat-holding capacity of sugarcane tableware is 220. The non-static and sturdy nature of the dine-ware does not allow the products to become soggy or leak. Moreover, sugarcane bagasse products are FDA, ISO9001, BRC, and OK compost-approved. 

Did choosing sugarcane tableware prove profitable for Steve’s business?

Benefits of Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Figure 3: Benefits of Sugarcane Bagasse Products

Yes, choosing sugarcane tableware over single-use disposable products changed the entire outlook of the California-based business. The bagasse tableware home pack solution enhanced the brand’s passion, dedication, and goal. It made Steve’s home package affordable, accessible, and sustainable. 

Following are the benefits that Steve experienced after choosing sugarcane green alternative to plastic tableware; 

  • Brand Image: Before introducing bagasse products, he owns an ordinary home disposable tableware store. Switching to sugarcane bagasse tableware upgraded the brand image of Steve’s business. The green living initiative uplifted the motive of his business. 
  • High sales: Eco-friendly products generated high sales and conversions on his online store. The greener planet motive made his business superior to other competitors in the market. 
  • Enhanced customer experience: Since the consumers of Steve’s family pack were not satisfied with the quality of plastic dinnerware, after including sugarcane products, customers became delighted with the performance of this tableware.  

If environmental sustainability is your concern, GangXuan got the right solution. For free quotation service, contact our customer support.

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