Bagasse bowl with lid
Bagasse bowl with lid

Durable Bagasse bowl with Lids

  • GangXuan’s Sugarcane bagasse bowls are eco-friendly with 100% compostable features. 
  • Our Bagasse bowls and cutlery is made with organic material that is renewable and highly nutritious.
  • Biodegradable disposable bowls are spill-proof and have high-temperature tolerance
  • GangXuan’s sugar cane bowls are available in different sizes, shapes, and holding capacities.  
  • Our bagasse pulp bowls are customizable. We offer grammage and mold modifications according to our customer’s requirements.

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GangXuan China supplies a range of bagasse tableware, including bowls, cups, clamshells, and plates globally.

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Bagasse Bowl with lid—An introduction


Do you know that plastic takes 400 years to decompose on the land? This concludes that we are degrading our environment and planet by utilizing high chemical products. It is high time to switch to eco friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable products. 

Sugar cane bagasse is the most reliable nature-friendly option that degrades into nutrient-rich compost within 45-90 days. Bagasse bowl with lid and other packaging products are water and heat-resistant, thus becoming the perfect replacement for PVC products. GangXuan China is the leading bagasse tableware manufacturer that provides qualified tableware globally.

Bagasse bowls with lid

Figure 1: Bagasse bowls with lid

In this introductory article, we will uncover basic information, facts, and noteworthy features of bagasse food packaging

What is a bagasse bowl with a lid?

A bagasse bowl with lid is one of the most commonly used disposable dine-ware used for food delivery purposes. Sugar cane pulp products are made with 100% compostable natural resources. The composition of bagasse pulp comprises healthy matter. Bagasse is a rapidly renewable resource that has a short lifespan. 

The bagasse bowls are made in advanced pressing machinery, which does not contain any chemical pretreatments or coatings. These products are naturally resistant and durable, with high heat tolerance up to 220°C. Bagasse products are microwave and refrigerator-safe. 

Different types of bagasse bowls:

Following are some widely used types of bagasse bowl with lid;

  • Anti leak soup bowls with lid 
  • Compostable sugarcane salad bowls
  • Bagasse serving bowl 

What is the difference between compostable and biodegradable tableware? 

Biodegradable vs. Compostable

Figure 2: Biodegradable vs. Compostable 

People often confuse biodegradable with compostable because both terms are used interchangeably. However, there is a considerable difference between biodegradable and compostable products. Let’s understand them closely; 



The biodegradable tableware breaks and degrades in the environment easily. 

The compostable products decompose into the soil and benefit it.

Biodegradable products could be toxic or harmful, Polyvinyl chloride, polythene, or Styrofoam.

Compostable tableware is an organic resource such as bagasse, bamboo, and cork. This material contains zero toxins. 

Biodegradable items have a slow degrading process. 

Compost-friendly bowls have a fast and reliable decomposing process. 

Biodegradable dinnerware products can release toxins into the soil. 

Compostable materials are 100% natural and conserve the environment. 

Biodegradable tableware is not carbon and GHG offset. 

Compostable products release zero carbon and other harmful gases. 

Noteworthy benefits of bagasse bowls: 

Bagasse bowls and tableware products have health and economic benefits. Let’s discuss some outstanding benefits of sugar cane pulp bowls and cutlery;

  • Versatile:

Bagasse compostable bowls are incredibly versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. These products work exceptionally without becoming soggy or intolerably hot. The bagasse bowls with lids are used in several takeaway and meal delivery sectors because they are multi-functional. 

  • Spillage-proof:

Bagasse soup bowls are 100% spill proof. These products are made with high-grade bagasse in pressing machinery. These bowls are more durable, resistant, and sturdy than polystyrene products. The bagasse bowls can be heated in a microwave without spillage and disintegration fear. 

  • Biodegradable and compostable:

Bagasse dinnerware products do not damage the land and oceans like non-degradable products. Bagasse bowls with lids are a completely biodegradable tableware option. These products turn into organic plant compost after usage. Bagasse bowls and cutlery products enrich the soil and conserve nature. 

  • Plastic-free:

Bagasse bowls with lids are 100% plastic-free. The manufacturing of these products does not involve any resin or powder coating. The bagasse tableware is FDA approved; therefore, it ensures health and food safety standards. 

  • Carbon offset: 

The production of bagasse bowls is completely carbon offset. The entire manufacturing phase does not release CO2 and greenhouse gasses. Therefore, bagasse products reduce global warming and protect the ecosystem from harmful gasses. 


If you are looking for nature-friendly tableware, bagasse pulp products are the right choice. These products are 100% biodegradable and protect the planet from global warming. Bagasse bowls with lids are eco-friendly, chemical-free packaging products

Moreover, bagasse products are long-lasting and durable. They perform exceptionally in hot and cold environments. For further information, you can contact us. Our team is available to address your queries 24/7. 

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