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Bagasse Fiber School Trays—A Best Choice For School Kids

Background story:

Mr. Edward Beeston has a retail business of single-use and disposable tableware products. He delivers products to school food providers, hostels, and restaurants in the food sector. Usually, people prefer school lunch trays to give food to their kids at school. 

However, for the past few months, he has been observing low sales of plastic and Styrofoam trays because people have become much more aware of the environmental impact of these harmful materials. Especially for school-going children, parents are finding a sustainable and healthy option that does not degrade their children’s health and environment. 

Edward Beeston felt the situation’s urgency and contacted GangXuan China to craft a sustainable yet affordable option to boost his business and environmental sustainability. We understood the requirements and provided the most versatile and effective solution. 

Bagasse fiber school trays are the perfect solution for carrying food to school and offices. Made with premium quality material and advanced techniques, we offer the following solution in the pack.

Bagasse fiber school trays solution:

Figure 1 Bagasse Fiber School Trays

Figure 1: Bagasse tableware

After understanding the customer’s concerns about products, we designed customized bagasse trays. For 100% OEM/ODM services, you can contact us.

Since bagasse fiber school trays are flexible for different applications, they would be the most convenient option as a school pack. We added cutlery and lids with trays to ensure they could carry and keep food warm for longer.

The following are the products included in the pack;


As Mr. Edward Beeston introduced the products, it significantly increased his sales as people got attracted to the immense benefits of sugarcane bagasse trays. Parents become more satisfied as bagasse products benefit their children’s health and reduce waste pollution. 

Moreover, the bagasse fiber school trays can be used for re-heating and carrying food without the concern of spilling and leaking. Overall, it enhanced customer satisfaction and experience, ultimately increasing his business. 

What made people switch to sugarcane bagasse fiber school trays?

Figure 2 Bagasse Lunch Trays

Figure 2: Bagasse lunch trays

Several factors made people easily switch to the biodegradable bagasse tray. Some of them are as follows; 

Heath Concerns:

First and foremost, the millennial consumer has become health-conscious with advanced technology and awareness. Plastic contains BPA, PFAS, and super toxic compounds that can cause cancer and chronic diseases. 

After understanding the constituents of plastic and other disposable single-use tableware products, people are switching to bagasse pulp trays. The bagasse products are made with sugarcane fiber, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry. 

The manufacturing of bagasse is entirely clean with zero chlorine bleaching and plastic coatings. The bagasse tableware products provide protection against adverse health effects caused by chemicals and toxins found in plastic and styrofoam. 

Environmental Responsibility:

Figure 3 Eco-friendly Bagasse Products

Figure 3: Eco-friendly bagasse products

A study suggests a 23% increase in recyclable pod/cup packaging options. That means consumers are shifting towards zero-wastage sustainable packaging due to environmental responsibility. The modern world supports the initiative of a “greener and healthier world.” 

Therefore, people choose bagasse products over plastic because they are biodegradable, compostable, and carbon offset. These bagasse lunch trays seep into the soil and release rich organic nutrients to promote plant health. 

Plastic pollution is also a root cause of climate change and loss of biodiversity; thus, reducing plastic consumption is necessary to save the planet. 

Product Quality:

Product quality is also the prominent reason people choose bagasse products over single-use disposable tableware. These products are manufactured in pressing molds which makes these products sturdy, temperature resistant, and reliable. 

Unlike plastic, bagasse fiber school trays are spill-proof, water-proof, and wash-free. They can tolerate the temperature range from 0°C to 100°C without soaking up or losing strength. These bagasse fiber school trays are microwave-friendly and freezer-safe. 

The advanced manufacturing process makes bagasse products vigorous and durable. These products can easily hold hot food, oils, and even grease without spilling over. 


Another common reason is the cost-effectiveness of bagasse products. These products are made of waste by-products that would otherwise be thrown or burnt in fields. So, using waste material for manufacturing eco-friendly dinnerware reduces the overall cost. 

Eco-conscious people would undoubtedly prefer products that are environment-positive and affordable simultaneously. 

How did introducing bagasse products impact Edward’s business?

  • Appreciation: He received appreciation from the consumers for prioritizing health and environmental safety. A mass audience supported the “Go Green” business initiative with bagasse fiber school tray. 
  • Customer satisfaction: Parents who were concerned about plastic consumption and its impacts were satisfied with the eco-friendly option. They appreciated using a bagasse pulp tray 10 inches for packaging lunch as it would not damage their children’s health and ecosystem.
  • Recognition: His business drove attention and sales due to introducing the most sustainable, functional, and affordable food packaging option, unlike other businesses. 

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