A Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing Quality Bagasse Tableware

A Comprehensive Guide To Purchasing Quality Bagasse Tableware

A comprehensive guide to purchasing quality bagasse tableware

Do you know plastic products use 90% of fossil fuel energy for manufacturing? It means that plastic is the primary cause of climate change and environmental pollution. So, if you are thinking of switching to an eco-friendly option, sugarcane bagasse is the right choice. 

Made with 100% natural plant fiber, bagasse tableware is eco-friendly, sustainable, and safe to use. But there are hundreds of manufacturers out there; so, it is tiring to choose the right supplier. Are you concerned about how to purchase quality bagasse tableware? Don’t stress out!

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you find the best quality bagasse tableware and things you must consider to choose the right bagasse tableware manufacturer. After reading this guide, you can find premium quality bagasse products from a reliable manufacturer. 

Figure 1 100% Natural bagasse products

Figure 1: 100% Natural bagasse products

Let’s begin with it.

How to purchase quality bagasse tableware?

Are you considering bagasse food packaging products as a sustainable alternative to plastic and Styrofoam products? According to the new report, the food segment will continue to dominate the bagasse tableware market based on the application. 

But it is quite challenging to distinguish between the quality and efficiency of bagasse products. 

Figure 2 Compostable bagasse tableware

Figure 2: Compostable bagasse tableware

Here are the top features you keep in mind to find the best-quality bagasse products without getting deceived by newbies;

  • Durability: Consider the reliability of bagasse products before purchasing. Check if the product can hold food, liquids, and hot beverages for hours without spilling and leaking. If the product can withstand food for hours, it is perfect for food delivery and taking meals on travel. 
  • Heat resistance: Bagasse tableware is designed to resist food up to 200°C. Therefore, to ensure the high quality of the bagasse product, test if the product holds hot oils, grease, and hot meals without burning hands or leaking. If the bagasse dinnerware fails to carry hot food, its quality has been compromised. 
  • Microwave and freezer safe: Another feature you must keep in mind of bagasse tableware is microwave and refrigerator friendliness. If the product is compatible with re-heating food and cold storage, it is made with the finest quality raw material and an advanced manufacturing process. 
  • Chemical-free: It is essential to ensure beforehand that the bagasse products are free of chemicals and toxins because the major reason for buying sugarcane table is to promote a healthy life. Determine if the bagasse products contain PFAS and resin coatings. 
  • Eco-friendliness: The most advantageous feature of bagasse products is eco-friendliness. So, before buying, you must ensure that the bagasse products are 100% compostable and carbon offset. 

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Important factors to consider to find the best bagasse tableware manufacturer:

Figure 3 Biodegradable sugarcane tableware

Figure 3: Biodegradable sugarcane tableware

If you are on the hunt of finding the best-quality bagasse products for your application, it is crucial to find a reliable manufacturer. You must keep an eye on a few important factors to select the right bagasse and tableware supplier;

Research different companies: Research the market using different resources and recommendations to find the right manufacturer. It will help you list the top manufacturers based on their location, product catalog, and provided facilities. 

Determine the company’s background: After finalizing ten suitable manufacturers, consider determining the background of each company. You need to evaluate their experience, team expertise, equipment, manufacturing capacity, and delivery time. 

Analyze international certifications: It is important to analyze the international certification of the chosen company to ensure they provide top-priority products without any flaws. For example, a reputable bagasse food packaging manufacturer must hold BRC, FDA, ISO 9001, and OK COMPOST certifications. 

Find out reviews: Customer reviews are important to find the credibility of a company. You can also consider looking for reviews and customer testimonials to find the best quality products having the required capabilities and features. 

Consider pricing: Another thing you must keep in mind while selecting a manufacturer is pricing. Compare the pricing of different companies and select the one with the best pricing. 

Look for customization options: You might need different types of bagasse products for serving, packaging, and delivering food. Therefore, it is important to find out if the company offers grammage and mold modification. 

Want to know how bagasse tableware is made?

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GangXuan—Get quality bagasse products at affordable price

If you are finding quality bagasse products, your search is over with bagasse products. GangXuan is the leading electric motor manufacturer in China, which offer high-quality at affordable prices. It provides eco-friendly products made with 100% natural sugarcane fibers. 

GangXuan established its new unit in 2021 and is currently in the first phase of production. We offer sugarcane bagasse products such as bagasse plates, sugarcane trays, and bowls. Processed in advanced 20 auto robot arms, forming combined and trimming machines, we have 870 tons/Month production capacity. 

We offer 100% customized sugarcane bagasse products according to your requirements. For any queries, feel free to contact us. We are 24/7 available to assist you.

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