800 bagasse tray lid
500ml-1000ml square tray lid
Rectangle Sugarcane Bagasse Tray
800 bagasse tray lid
500ml-1000ml square tray lid
Rectangle Sugarcane Bagasse Tray

Sugarcane Bagasse Tray with Lid

  • Our bagasse trays with lid are 100% compostable and made with renewable natural resources.
  • GangXuan’s biodegradable disposable products are water and oil resistant with a temperature holding capacity of about 100 to 120 degrees. 
  • Our sugarcane bagasse tray with lids is available in different sizes, compartments, and two colors (white/natural). 
  • Our food packaging containers are leak-proof, non-toxic, and economical
  • We offer 100% grammage and mold customization of disposable bagasse tray with lids according to customers’ demands. 

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GangXuan is the most reliable bagasse tableware manufacturer in China. We provide tableware approved by food safety guidelines. Choose us for effective and affordable products. 

Sugarcane Bagasse Tray with Lid—An overview


Do you know that over 100,000 marine animals and 1 million seabirds die from plastic disposal in oceans every year? It means that the marine species will become extinct in near future. Switching to nature-friendly options is the only solution to protect the natural habitat. 

Sugarcane bagasse tray with lid is an eco friendly tableware option that is 100% littering-free and safe. GangXuan China is the leading bagasse tableware factory that provides a wide range of compostable sugarcane food containers, food trays, boxes, and clamshells.

Sugarcane pulp trays with lids

Figure 1: Sugarcane pulp trays with lids

In this article, we will go through the necessary information about disposable bagasse trays with lid. Let’s jump into it. 

What is sugarcane bagasse tray with lids? 

Sugarcane bagasse trays are used for takeaway food and delivery services. These trays are an easy disposable tableware option because it comes with a lid and various compartments. It is non-toxic and biodegradable; thus reducing wastage pollution significantly. Switching to sugarcane food packaging can save the planet. Sugarcane tableware is 100% chemical-free, and it is approved by FDA food safety standards. 

The manufacturing material of disposable bagasse tray with lid is 100% organic which takes approximately 12 months to regrow. Bagasse is the residual waste product of the sugar manufacturing industry. The bagasse pulp is a rich organic matter that has several health benefits. Moreover, the production of sugarcane plants reduces CO2 emissions naturally. 

The manufacturing process of disposable bagasse tray with lid:

The manufacturing process of sugarcane bagasse trays is robust and safe. It does not involve any harmful chemicals and BPA/resin coating. Sugarcane products go through several steps to manufacture a high-quality sugarcane bagasse tray with lid. Let’s understand the manufacturing process closely; 

  • After juice extraction from sugarcane, the bagasse is collected and taken for the screening process. 
  • The wet sugarcane fibers are treated and cooked to increase the sturdiness and resistance of the bagasse pulp. 
  • The semi-wet pulp is then transferred for vacuum dehydration to eliminate water content. 
  • Wet embryos of the products are created by attaching the wet fibers to the screens of different products. 
  • After that, the bagasse pulps are sent to the molding equipment, where the bagasse pulp is pressed under high temperature and pressure. 
  • Finally, the sugarcane bagasse pulp is transformed into various tray products such as bagasse meal trays, food containers, lunch boxes, etc. 
  • The tableware products are then shifted for final inspection where the team trims raw edges and analyzes the rigidity of the products. 
  • At last, the products are sterilized at the warehouse before dispatching them. 

Bagasse trays vs. bamboo trays:

Sugarcane bagasse and bamboo is the eco-friendly material used for manufacturing tableware. Both materials are a healthier and safer alternative to BPA and styrofoam disposable dinnerware. However, one question always comes to mind; which one of them is better? 

Let’s find out;

Sugarcane bagasse Trays

Bamboo Trays

Sugarcane bagasse trays are made with the rapidly renewable resource without utilizing fossil fuels.

Bamboo tableware products use bamboo trees as the manufacturing material, which can cause deforestation.

Sugarcane bagasse tray with lids is low-cost and compostable in home and commercial settings.

Bamboo trays are only compostable in commercial setups under high pressure and temperature. 

Sugarcane plant takes only 12-18 months to grow completely.

However, a bamboo tree takes approximately 3 years to regrow.

Sugarcane disposable tableware production is 100% toxins and chemical free. 

Bamboo tray manufacturing involves resin and PBA plastic coating to maintain sturdiness.

Bagasse tableware has high resistance to water, oil, and hot beverages. 

Bamboo dine-ware has low to medium resistance to hot oils. 

Bagasse pulp products are anti-leakage and anti-soggy. 

Bamboo tableware is also leak-proof up to 100°C temperature. 

Table 1: Comparison between bamboo and bagasse trays


Biodegradable sugarcane food packaging is the most viable solution to eliminate chemicals, GHG gases, and landfill pollution. Disposable bagasse tray with lids can replace plastic and Styrofoam in the food industry to support environmental sustainability. 

Sugarcane bagasse tray with lids are firm with high holding capacities; therefore, reliable than harmful non-degrading products. For quotation and customization information, contact us. Our customer care team is 24/7 responsive to address your queries and concerns. 

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