Round Bagasse Tray
Round Bagasse Tray
Round Bagasse Tray
Round Bagasse Tray

Round Bagasse Tray

  • GangXuan’s round bagasse trays are nature-friendly because they minimize the carbon footprint on the planet.
  • Our bagasse moulded products are made with organic matter and degrades within 45-90 days into nutrient-rich plant compost. 
  • GangXuan’s sugarcane dineware can hold hot food up to 100°C without becoming soggy. 
  • These disposable packagings are microwave-friendly, refrigerator-safe, and highly durable.
  • Sugarcane bagasse products are economical, sturdy, and long-lasting.

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An Introductory Guide to Round Bagasse Tray


As the environmental pollution is increasing, we all are responsible for protecting and conserving the planet for future generations. We need to find an economical and eco-friendly alternative to nature-degrading materials such as plastic, styrofoam, and polythene. 

Sugarcane round bagasse trays came as a reasonable substitute for packaging and serving food. These products are 100% toxins and harmful gases free, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle on the planet. GangXuan manufactures eco-friendly and sustainable bagasse products that include cups, sugarcane bagasse plates, and cutlery. 

Round Sugarcane Bagasse Tray

Figure 1: Round Sugarcane Bagasse Tray

In this introductory guide, we will discuss specifications, composting processes, and uses of sugarcane bagasse trays

Let’s have a look. 

What is a round bagasse tray?

Round bagasse tray is a sustainable disposable packaging product having exceptional health, eco friendly, and economical benefits. The round sugarcane trays are made with a rapidly renewable organic resource called bagasse. Sugarcane bagasse is a waste by-product, and its reproduction cycle span is about 10 to 18 months. 

Round sugarcane trays are a sturdy and resistant option because they are made with advanced equipment and technique. These products maintain environmental sustainability and serve the purpose. Sugarcane bagasse products are biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable.

Round trays are available in both bleached and unbleached forms in two colors, white/natural. Moreover, customers can modify the dimensions, holding capacities, and sizes according to their requirements. 

Specifications of round sugarcane bagasse trays:

Features of sugarcane round trays

Figure 2: Features of sugarcane round trays

Let’s discuss some significant specifications of sugarcane bagasse trays that make them superior to other disposable packaging options.

  • Non-polluting: 

According to the report, 79% of wasted plastic is sent to landfills or the ocean. The disposal of plastic in landfill and water bodies is a primary issue for our planet. The non-decomposable materials take decades to degrade. Since bagasse products are compostable, they do not cause landfill and ocean pollution. 

  • Highly Resistant: 

Biodegradable bagasse products are excellently resistant to water, oil, and grease. Round sugarcane bagasse trays have a high holding capacity; they can tolerate hot food up to 100°C. These trays do not soak up like Styrofoam when hot oil is poured on them. 

  • Microwave and Refrigerator Safe: 

The round bagasse trays can be easily used in the microwave and refrigerator.  They do not release toxins when heated in a microwave. These packaging products are leakage-proof, sturdy, and anti-soggy. The sugarcane bagasse products are tasteless and anti-odor.  

  • Biodegradable: 

Sugarcane bagasse table-ware is 100% nature-friendly. The bagasse round trays sustain the environment and benefit the soil after use. Sugarcane bagasse products encourage a greener lifestyle for planet protection and environmental sustainability.  

What are the uses of bagasse pulp trays in the disposable food packaging industry? 

Since customers prefer ecofriendly options, the hostility industry is shifting to bagasse dinnerware products to build brand image. Round bagasse trays are used in the catering sector for various purposes;

  • It is used for serving or dine-in purposes in restaurants, catering, and outdoor events. 
  • Round sugarcane bagasse trays are used in the hostility industry for serving.
  • It can also be used for takeaway, packaging, and delivery.

How to compost sugarcane bagasse tableware?

The most noteworthy feature of sugarcane bagasse trays is their compostable nature. The products are used as plant compost for soil enhancement. Sugarcane bagasse table-ware is compostable in both home and commercial settings. Let’s find out more about it;

  • Home composting: 

Bagasse products can be composted in a home setting in a humid environment. Keep the compost pile in humid conditions without watering it. However, home composting takes more time than industrial composting. It takes about 3 months to completely compost the sugarcane bagasse into soil nourishing compost. 

  • Commercial composting: 

On the other hand, commercial composting is done under a commercial setup where temperature, pressure, and humidity are regulated. Commercial composting takes 45-60 days to break the sugarcane fibers into nutritious plant compost. 


Sugarcane bagasse is an environment-friendly raw material that perfectly fits the initiative of sustainability, affordability, and effectiveness. Round sugarcane bagasse trays reduce CO2 emissions, landfill pollution, and desertification. For more information about bagasse products, you can contact us

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