5 Best Eco Friendly Disposable Plates

5 Best Eco Friendly Disposable Plates

People always consider tableware and cutlery before planning an event. They want the tableware to serve the purpose and look great. People prefer disposable plates because they are much easier to handle than heavy-duty ceramic plates.

However, plastic and Styrofoam disposable plates degrade the atmosphere adversely. Therefore, millennial customers are now investing in best eco friendly disposable plates with the increased hype in the “green living” trend. 

Environmental friendly one-time use tableware is durable, attractive, and protects the ecosystem. GangXuan China is the leading disposable sugarcane tableware supplier that provides a variety of biodegradable tableware items at affordable prices. Are you planning to buy the best eco-friendly disposable plates and cutlery for your event? We have made your job easier.

Figure 1: Best Eco-friendly Disposable Plates 

In this article, we will discover the top 5 best eco friendly disposable plates, their advantages, and drawbacks. 

Top 5 best eco friendly disposable plates

There are a lot of things to consider if you are planning to choose a sustainable tableware option for your next event. Here is the list of the top 5 best eco friendly disposable plates options; 

1: Sugarcane Bagasse Plates

Sugarcane Bagasse Disposable Plates

Figure 2: Sugarcane Bagasse Disposable Plates

Did you know that sugarcane can be used to make sustainable tableware? Bagasse plates and tableware have gained massive popularity due to their climate-friendly features. Bagasse plates are the top choice in the best eco friendly disposable plates. These compostable plates are manufactured of 100% organic material that would otherwise be discarded or burnt in the fields. Bagasse is the waste product of the sugar production industry; therefore, it reduces waste pollution. Sugarcane pulp has noteworthy health and eco-friendly benefits. Sugarcane pulp plates are exceptional and are fast growing in the hostility and catering industry. Sugarcane is a renewable and reclaimed resource that does not cause pollution on the planet. 


  • Sugarcane pulp is an organic and non-toxic raw material that takes only 10-18 months for regrowth. 
  • Bagasse plates are highly resistant and have incredible holding capacity. It can hold hot meals and liquids up to 220°C. 
  • They are microwave and refrigerator friendly and do not release chemicals while heating. 
  • The bagasse tableware is 100% compostable and returns nutrients to the soil within 45 – 60 days. 
  • Sugarcane compostable plates are available in white and natural colors with various compartments for different disposable food packaging purposes. 
  • Sugarcane disposable plates and dine ware is oil, grease, and waterproof to ensure reliability and long life. 
  • Bagasse cutlery is completely carbon and GHG offset. Moreover, the production of sugarcane itself reduces its carbon footprint, making it the best eco friendly disposable plates option. 
  • These products are tree-free and do not impact the forest and wildlife. 
  • GangXuan offer 100% customizable sugarcane pulp tableware. We provide OEM/ODM and grammage customization according to customers’ specifications. 


  • Sometimes, sugarcane compostable plates leak or lose strength when heated above 200°C.

2: Disposable Bamboo Plates

Bamboo Plates

Figure 3: Bamboo Plates

Bamboo single-time use plates are another famous option in the 5 best eco friendly disposable plates list. Bamboo plates are made with a bamboo upper protective sheath that would otherwise decompose on its own. When the bamboo sheath matures and falls, the disposable tableware manufacturers collect and mold the sheath to prepare 100% biodegradable plates. These plates are a great alternative to single-time use tableware. The bamboo disposable plates look elegant and hold food without leakage. 


  • Bamboo plates and tableware are biodegradable and renewable. 
  • These plates consume solar energy reducing fossil fuel consumption.
  • The bamboo tableware is lightweight and durable and performs like heavy-duty plates. 
  • The
  •  texture of the plates is smooth and wood-like. 
  • Bamboo tableware has a high holding capacity with grease, hot oil, and water resistance. 
  • These plates are breakage and splinter-proof. 
  • The bamboo tableware is highly resistant and non-toxins. 


  • Since the production of bamboo tableware involves trees; therefore, it causes deforestation and harms wildlife. 
  • Sometimes, bamboo disposable plates are manufactured with lacquer coatings and chemical processes. 
  • Bamboo disposable plates could release formaldehyde when heated or microwaved.  
  • Bamboo trees take longer to regrow than sugarcane plant. 
  • Most bamboo tableware includes melamine which can leach into the food after heating.

3: Palm Leaf Plates: 

Another reliable choice in the top 5 best eco friendly disposable plates is palm leaf plates and tableware. Palm leaf tableware is manufactured by collecting the palm leaves that are fallen without cutting or timbering. The palm leaves are then washed, sanitized, and molded into different tableware shapes. The hot molding equipment is used to produce highly resistant palm leaf tableware. Palm leaf is considered to be one of the best eco friendly disposable plates material because it ensure environmental sustainability and a healthy lifestyle.


  • Palm leaf plates are sturdy and perfect for one-time usage. 
  • They are 100% biodegradable, rapidly renewable, and involve zero tree cutting. 
  • Palm leaf tableware is also compostable and can benefit the soil after composting.
  • Palm leaf products are toxin-free, chemical-free, and sustainable.
  • They come in various shapes, sizes, and holding capacities. 
  • These products have an aesthetic wooden texture and appearance. 
  • The production of palm leaf dine-ware is carbon offset. 


  • Palm leaf tableware can soak up when hot liquid or oils are poured into it. 
  • Palm leaf compostable plates are less resistant to microwaves and refrigerators. 
  • These plates are more expensive than other eco-friendly tableware like bagasse plates.
  • They cannot be used for more than one time. 

4: Porcelain Plates: 

Porcelain plates are another notable option in the list of 5 best eco friendly disposable plates. Porcelain tableware is produced with virgin fine clay under high temperatures and pressure. It is a perfect substitute for ceramic dinner plates because the raw material is sustainable. These plates are recyclable, durable, and highly sturdy. 


  • The tableware is made with 100% virgin and recycled porcelain
  • It reduces landfill and ocean wastage pollution remarkably. 
  • It is non-toxic and is free of artificial dyes and colors. 
  • Its production reduces the overall global CO2 footprint. 
  • They look elegant and bright with minimal design. 
  • The manufacturing process of the tableware is robust and advanced. 


  • Porcelain plate’s decomposition takes more time than bagasse and palm leaf plates. 
  • The manufacturing of these products involves non-renewable energy consumption. 

5: Paper Plates

Disposable Paper Plates

Figure 4: Disposable Paper Plates

Another best eco friendly disposable plates option is tableware made of paper pulp. Paper disposable plates are also widely used disposable food serving products in the catering industry. Paper disposable plates are not a very sustainable option compared to sugarcane and bamboo. However, paper is still a far better option than plastic and Styrofoam disposable products. 


  • Paper is recyclable, thus causing less wastage and pollution than other disposable tableware. 
  • Its production does not demand high non-renewable energy resources.
  • It consumes less energy than and degrades faster than plastic
  • Paper single-time use plates come in various colors, designs, and shapes. 
  • Paper disposable plates and tableware is budget-friendly and lightweight tableware options. 



  • Paper plates consume 40% of global harvested wood; therefore, it is causing severe deforestation. 
  • Cutting trees also contribute to high CO2 and GHG emission thus increasing global warming. 
  • They are thin and cannot hold heavy main course dishes and hot beverages. 
  • When heated, chlorine-bleached paper disposable plates release toxins and carcinogens, which can cause serious health hazards. 
  • Paper disposable plates are not good enough for cold food storage. 
  • Paper plates break, leak, or become soggy when placed in the refrigerator. 

GangXuan—best eco friendly disposable plates manufacturer: 

GangXuan is a premium quality disposable sugarcane bagasse tableware manufacturer in China. We have fully automated production lines with 20 auto robot arms and forming combined trimming machines. GangXuan’s new factory is located in Guangxi having an 18,000 sq. ft building area and advanced equipment. We have 330 employees working in the new factory, which is in the first phase of production. We have qualified product development and inspection teams that ensure the acclaimed quality of products. 

GangXuan proudly claims that we are ISO9001, OK COMPOST, and FDA approved. If you are looking for the best eco friendly disposable plates, GangXuan is the right choice. We offer a diverse range of high-quality sugarcane compostable plates, bowls, trays, and cutlery items. For free quotation and customization, feel free to contact us. Our customer care is 24/7 and responsive to address your concerns. 

bagasse eco-friendly disposable tableware

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the manufacturing process of sugarcane bagasse plates

The sugarcane tableware production has an extensive process flow. The sugarcane compostable plates are made from the by-product of the sugarcane manufacturing industry. The bagasse is collected after extracting juice from the sugarcane. Bagasse is then screened and cooked before preparing the disposable plates in the pressing mold. The wet sugarcane pulp is then processed in the pressing equipment to produce highly resistant disposable plates, compostable bowls, and trays. The unfinished products are trimmed and sterilized before sending them to the warehouse. 

Can we compost bagasse tableware at home? 

Yes, absolutely, sugarcane bagasse tableware is renowned for their compostable feature. They are manufactured from organic waste material; therefore, best eco friendly disposable plates in marketplace. You can decompose compostable plates either at home or composting facility. The bagasse plates and tableware become nutrient-rich compost within 45 days in certain humidity and temperature in a commercial facility. However, home composting can take up to 90 days to completely compost the bagasse products. 

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