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GangXuan China is a sustainable bagasse tableware manufacturer that provides 100% compostable and nature-friendly products. Our motive is to reduce plastic consumption with a reliable green alternative. 

We have 30 years of experience manufacturing customized bagasse tableware products according to customers’ choices.

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We offer a diverse range of sustainable sugarcane pulp products, including bagasse boxes, sushi trays, clamshells, plates, bowls, and cups. Our products contain zero chemicals and toxins. 

Bagasse Sushi Boxes

Bagasse sushi boxes:

Bagasse sushi boxes are completely biodegradable packaging products that turn into plant compost within 90 days. Sugarcane bagasse sushi boxes are sturdy and resistant that can hold hot food without soaking up.

Bagasse Sushi Trays

Bagasse sushi trays:

Bagasse compostable sushi trays are reliable packaging products that come in different sizes. These trays can be used for serving and carrying food. These trays are available with lids for carrying food. Bagasse trays are spill-proof and anti-leakage.

Bagasse Sushi Cutlery

Bagasse sushi cutlery:

Bagasse sushi cutlery includes chopsticks, forks, knives, and spoons. Bagasse cutlery products are cut-resistant and water-proof. These cutlery products are sturdy; thus, they can hold food easily.

Bagasse Plates

Bagasse plates:

Bagasse plates are the perfect green option for serving food at Christmas parties, thanksgiving, and events. These plates are available in both bleached and unbleached forms in different sizes.

Bagasse Disposable Bowls

Bagasse disposable bowls:

Bagasse single-time use bowls are made with raw sugarcane pulp and are long-lasting. Bagasse bowls can hold food up to 100°C. Sugarcane bagasse bowls are refrigerator and microwave friendly. These bowls are ideal for food delivery and takeaway.

Bagasse Cups

Bagasse cups:

Bagasse cups are heat-resistant and spill-proof products. These cups can hold hot and cold beverages without leaking. They are a reliable option for travel and outdoor parties. Sugarcane bagasse cups come in different sizes with/without lids.

Factory View

GangXuan is the most trustworthy eco-friendly tableware factory in China. We specialize in manufacturing sustainable bagasse products with advanced equipment. Gangxuan is certified by BRC, DIN CENTRO, FDA, and OK COMPOST. 

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GangXuan provides the best quality and budget-friendly disposable bagasse tableware products. We also offer 100% customization to help you choose what you like! 

A brief guide to bagasse sushi tray

Do you still pack your sushi in plastic or Styrofoam trays? Replace these harmful disposable packaging with biodegradable bagasse sushi trays. These trays are 100% sustainable and do not harm the planet. 

Plastic and Styrofoam packaging products cause waste pollution, environmental degradation, and severe diseases. Therefore, we need to reduce the usage of disposable products. 

GangXuan China manufactures eco-friendly and compostable disposable food packaging. So, choose bagasse tableware if you want to save the planet and your health. 

Bagasse sushi tray:

Figure 1 Bagasse Sushi Tray

Figure 1: Sugarcane sushi tray

The sugarcane pulp sushi tray is a single-use compostable packaging option that contains zero toxins. It is made of natural sugarcane plant fiber which is a renewable and sustainable resource. Sugarcane fibers are a by-product that is highly nutritious and sturdy.

GangXuan bagasse trays keep the food warm and lock the freshness for hours. The sushi trays are ideal for takeaway and carrying food because they are leak-proof and microwave-friendly.

A bagasse sushi tray can be used and stored in the refrigerator for cold storage. Moreover, these products do not become soggy in the freezer.

Why is a bagasse sushi tray better than other green alternatives?

Following are the reasons why sugarcane sushi trays and related products are superior to other green options;

  • Tree-free:

Bagasse tableware products are made with residual sugarcane pulp that would otherwise be used for burning purposes. Besides this, sugarcane plant is a rapidly renewable resource. Therefore, the entire manufacturing process of sugarcane tableware is tree-free. 

  • Compostable:

Figure 2 Compostable Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Compostable bagasse tableware

Unlike other green alternatives, sugarcane tableware degrades into plant compost after 30-90 days under humid conditions. The nutrient-rich compost improves soil and plant growth. Thus, it promotes the “greener planet” initiative.

  • Chemical-free:

Mostly eco-friendly products contain resin coating or bisphenol A coating to make them sturdy and strong. However, bagasse products are naturally sturdy and resistant. They are not treated with any chemicals.

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Difference between bagasse sushi tray and styrofoam sushi tray:

Bagasse Sushi Tray

Styrofoam Sushi Tray

Bagasse products are biodegradable and compostable.

These products are single-time useable and take decades to decompose.

It contains zero chemicals and harmful toxins.

Styrofoam tray contains styrene and other chemicals. 

It can be used for re-heating purposes and does not soak up.

It becomes soggy and releases toxins in food when heated.

Bagasse trays keep the food fresh and maintain taste.

It does not keep the food fresh for a longer time.

China’s most reliable bagasse tableware manufacturer – GangXuan

GangXuan is a top-notch bagasse tableware manufacturer that aims to protect the planet from plastic. The company utilizes 100% organic resources to manufacture biodegradable bagasse tableware products. We manufacture our sugarcane pulp products in pressing mold and advanced machinery. 

Bagasse products are microwave-friendly, refrigerator-safe, and grease-proof. We offer a wide range of products, including bagasse trays, cutlery, plates, bowls, clamshells, and sauce cups

If you are considering switching your plastic tray to the best eco-friendly alternative, choose GangXuan. For further information, feel free to contact us.

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