Premium Quality And Affordable Bagasse Sauce Cup

  • GangXuan’s bagasse sauce cups are high-quality, resistant, and environmentally friendly.
  • Bagasse products are compostable. They decompose into organic soil and promote plant growth.
  • Our products are reliable, long-lasting, and anti-leakage. They have high holding capacity and are temperature tolerant. 
  • Bagasse tableware is non-toxic and 100% chemical-free, making bagasse universal for food packaging
  • Bagasse products are customizable and can be molded according to customers’ demands.
Bagasse Sauce Cup


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The company specializes in the manufacturing of eco-friendly and sustainable bagasse products. Our new 18,000-square-foot facility has an average monthly output of 870 tons, 330 employees, and multiple manufacturing lines.

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Bagasse sauce cups–Sustainable yet affordable packaging option

Reducing planet impact is the new market trend businesses follow to increase the brand voice. Unlike most disposable food packaging, bagasse dinnerware is natural, biodegradable, and long-lasting.

So, investing in sugarcane bagasse products can kill two birds with one stone. It can solve the sustainability issue and attract millennial customers for businesses. 

This brief guide will help you gather the necessary information about bagasse tableware. If you are interested in knowing more about bagasse sauce cups, please keep reading!

Why bagasse sauce cups?

Figure 1 Sugarcane Sauce Cups

Figure 1: Sugarcane sauce cups

Imagine taking your favorite stellar vegan sauces in packaging that will later turn into plant compost. Sounds good?

Come from a renewable resource; sugarcane bagasse is all-natural and safe tableware manufacturing material. These sauce cups are made from the waste products of the sugar industry. So, it reduces waste pollution.

Bagasse sauce is the ultimate solution if your priority is reliability because it can hold hot beverages, oils, and greasy products up to 100°C. Moreover, these sauce cups do not burn hands and spill over everywhere. 

Is it a sustainable option?

Yes, absolutely!

Bagasse tableware is 100% sustainable because the manufacturing process of these products does not consume any fossil fuel energy. They save the planet from carbon and harmful greenhouse gases. 

Is bagasse sauce cup natural and chemical free?

Figure 2 Chemical-free Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Chemical-free bagasse tableware

Yes, sugarcane sauce cups do not contain any chemicals or toxins. It is safe and reliable food packaging made with natural plant fibers. These sauce cups are made in pressing equipment at high temperatures, which makes them highly sturdy and resistant. 

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Bagasse tableware products are not bleached with chlorine or do not contain any harmful plastic coating. Therefore, they are safe, healthy, and sustainable. 

What’s better than a healthy and pocket-friendly green product?

So, if you want to take your sauces with a lunch box, sugarcane sauce cups are going to be your must-haves. These sauce cups are widely used in different food sectors, such as takeaway meals, fast food, snack serving, and take out food. 

What are the benefits of the sugarcane bagasse sauce cup?

Now, you must be thinking about the benefits of sugarcane bagasse tableware. Do you? Let’s find out how bagasse products are advantageous for the consumers and environment;

  • Compostable:

If you ask what makes bagasse packaging superior to other disposable food packaging options, the answer is COMPOSTABILITY. 

These products decompose into organic plant compost that takes only 30-90 days to break down into nutrient-rich compost. They promote plant growth to increase oxygen concentration in the environment. 

Moreover, bagasse tableware is compostable in home and commercial settings. So, you can choose whatever is convenient for you!

  • High-quality:

Disposable tableware is always termed as low-quality or good-for-nothing. But in the case of bagasse pulp products, it’s just a myth!

Sugarcane bagasse products are resistant and long-lasting. They can carry food for a long time without becoming soggy. The bagasse cups are waterproof, greaseproof, and wash free food packaging options.

These sauce cups can be used for cold storage in the refrigerator for days without the fear of falling apart. Also, they are useful for reheating meals in a microwave oven.

  • Leak-proof:

What if the sauces in the bagasse cups spill all over?

Well, it’s next to impossible. Sugarcane pulp sauce cups are made with advanced pressing machinery to ensure their leakproof feature. 

They can tolerate hot sauces without leaking or spilling the food. So, forget about leaking while putting your sushi sauce in bagasse cups for sauces.

GangXuan–Best eco-friendly bagasse cups supplier

GangXuan is a high-quality bagasse tableware supplier dedicated to saving the planet. We have a talented team and product development professionals who work continuously to design effective bagasse tableware. 

Established in 2021, our factory has advanced equipment and 330 employees currently working in the plant. We provide the best quality nature-friendly products at a reasonable price.

GangXuan has a wide catalog of eco-friendly bagasse products useful for different applications. We manufacture eco-friendly tableware, making our products ideal for serving and delivery. 

Without further delay, contact us for a free quote. Our customer support is available 24/7 to address your queries.

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