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Bagasse Products 101: The Sustainable Alternative To Traditional Packaging

Ever wondered if sugarcane can be transformed into biodegradable disposable bagasse product tableware? On average, the leftover bagasse makes up 20-30% of the total weight of sugarcane. 

That means sugarcane is a lot more than a rich source of bagasse production. The byproduct of sugarcane can be used for manufacturing sustainable, healthy, and environment-friendly dinnerware products. 

Figure 1 Bagasse Biodegradable Tableware

Figure 1: Bagasse biodegradable tableware 

GangXuan is a well-known Chinese bagasse tableware manufacturer that provides resistant, durable, and safe bagasse products. So, if you are considering reducing your environmental impact, move a step forward toward sugarcane products. 

In this article, we will discover everything about sustainable bagasse dine-ware. So, let’s get started.

What are sugarcane bagasse products?

Do you know 60% of the total 300 million tons of plastic waste end up in the natural environment? Therefore, there is an urgency to introduce environment-friendly alternatives to protect the planet for future generations. 

Is sugarcane bagasse an utterly natural resource?

Yes, Sugarcane bagasse is an organic waste product composed of 40 to 50% cellulose and 25 to 35% hemicellulose, 20% lignin, and 1% wax.

Sugarcane products are a green alternative to harmful plastic products. It is a byproduct of sugarcane that is usually discarded or burnt after juice extraction. However, it is a potential source of producing biodegradable packaging products.

How are sugarcane bagasse products made?

Figure 2 The Cycle of Bagasse Products

Figure 2: The cycle of bagasse products 

Sugarcane pulp is potentially healthier and safer, but how are they made into highly sturdy and long-lasting food-carrying products? 

Let’s find out the manufacturing process of sugarcane products that makes it the best option for packaging;

  • After juice extraction, the leftover bagasse is screened and cooked further to increase elasticity and resistance. 
  • The pulp is transferred to molding equipment after crushing and cooking. 
  • The wet pulp is dehydrated in a dehydration machine at high temperatures and pressure.
  • Bagasse is then molded into packaging products, such as clamshells, bagasse containers, bowls, plates, and cups.
  • The end products are then trimmed by cutting any raw or sharp edges. 
  • In the final step, the products are sterilized and sanitized before packaging and shipping.

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Types of sugarcane pulp products:

Figure 3 Types of Sugarcane Packaging Products

Figure 3: Types of sugarcane packaging products

Several types of bagasse pulp products are widely used in the food sector. Some of them are as follows;

  • Bagasse Clamshell:

Bagasse clamshells are packaging products useful for food delivery and takeaway purposes. They can be used for salads, fresh fruits, meals, and fast food. The bagasse clamshells come in various sizes and holding capacities. 

  • Bagasse Cups:

Bagasse cups are highly resistant products that carry hot beverages without burning hands. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes with lids. They are useful for travelling and serving drinks.

  • Bagasse Plates/Trays: 

Bagasse plates and trays are helpful for serving meals at restaurants and cafes for dine-in purposes. These products can be used for outdoor parties, events, and get-togethers. They are also available in different shapes and sizes.

  • Bagasse Bowls:

These eco-friendly sugar cane bowls and food containers are available in deep square, round, and oval shapes. These products can hold hot food and oily meals for a more extended period without spilling or leaking.

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Bagasse products vs. Conventional plastic products:

Bagasse and plastic packaging products are poles apart except their application. The total valuation of bagasse food packaging is expected to spike by US 5.2 Billion in 2023. 

Here is why bagasse dinnerware is better than plastic and styrofoam packaging products;

Bagasse Tableware

Plastic Products

Bagasse products are 100% wastage free.

Plastic dinnerware causes plastic pollution. 

Bagasse dine ware products are biodegradable and protect the environment.

Some plastic products are recycled, but mostly end up in landfills or oceans.

Sugarcane pulp products can hold hot products up to 100°C without leaking.

Plastic packaging products can not hold food without spilling. 

Sugar cane products are resistant to hot oil and grease.

Plastic and styrofoam products release toxins when hot meals are poured on them.

Bagasse is renewable and safe to use.

Plastic food packaging uses non-renewable sources, e.g., fossil fuel energy.

Benefits of sugarcane bagasse products for sustainable future

Figure 4 Perks of Bagasse Packaging Products

Figure 4: Perks of bagasse packaging products

Our environment is constantly degrading with each passing day. Switching to eco friendly options in all sectors of life has become an international responsibility. You can ditch plastic pollution by moving towards sustainable bagasse 

Here are the top benefits of sugarcane bagasse products for a greener and healthier environment.

1. Compostable:

Sugarcane products are 100% compostable and biodegradable food packaging. They can be used as rich organic compost for plant growth. After using the bagasse products, they degrade into nutrient-rich compost within 30-90 days of disposal. 

Bagasse tableware can easily be composted in commercial or home settings. Bagasse dinnerware promotes a greener environment for the planet’s sustainability. 

2. Chemical-free:

Bagasse is chemical and toxin-free. They do not contain any additives or resin coatings. The manufacturing process of sugar cane pulp products does not utilize any fossil fuel energy. Moreover, this dinnerware is all-natural without being bleached with harsh chemicals or chlorine.

3. Carbon offset:

Sugarcane pulp products are environmentally friendly. They do not cause CO2 production, which is the main reason for the earth’s warming. These products are entirely carbon offset and reduce carbon impact actively.

GangXuan–Bring the idea of sustainable products to life  

GangXuan China is a well-known bagasse products manufacturer that delivers resistant, sturdy, and versatile sugarcane products. They aim to deliver a compostable, chemical-free, and long-lasting products option that serves the purpose and saves the natural habitat.

The company established its new unit in 2021. With the fully automated advanced machinery, they have 330 employees currently working in the new unit. Gangxuan is BRC, ISO9001, FDA, and OK COMPOST certified. 

We provide 100% mold customization and grammage customization for customers. For additional information and queries, contact us. Our team is responsive 24/7 for your assistance.

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