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Affordable and eco-friendly bagasse food containers

  • GangXuan sugarcane bagasse food containers are 100% compostable and sustainable.
  • Our product decomposes into soil food and promotes “Greener Earth” initiatives. 
  • Our products are highly resistant and sturdy, ensuring leak-proof application. 
  • GangXuan’s bagasse products are natural, chemical-free, and toxin-free. 
  • These products can tolerate hot food up to 100°C. They are microwaveable and refrigerator safe. 
  • We offer 100% mold and grammage customers to cater to customers’ requirements.

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GangXuan China manufactures a diverse catalog of bagasse tableware, including cups, clamshells, cutlery, and bagasse plates.

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If you want to buy a cost-effective and green alternative to disposable plasticware, this is the right spot for you. We offer nature-friendly and zero-pollution tableware products at affordable prices.

Bagasse food container–One step closer to safe earth:

As the world progresses, eco-friendly items are now an overall business trend to reduce the negative impact of plastic and planetary crises. Bagasse items are safer than most disposable food packaging because they are natural, long-lasting, and biodegradable.

By switching to bagasse tableware, you can become a part of reducing pollution, earth warming, and deforestation. So, if you want to save the planet for future generations, bagasse is an easy solution!

This brief guide will give you complete information about bagasse food containers. If you are interested in understanding, keep reading to make everything crisp and clear about sugarcane bagasse containers.

Sugarcane bagasse container:

Figure 1 Bagasse Pulp Container

Figure 1: Bagasse pulp containers

These containers are made from 100% natural and safe raw materials. These containers are made from the pulp of sugar cane, which is completely compostable. These products are quite sustainable as it is acquired with very little impact on our environment.

The sugarcane plant takes only 10-18 months to completely regrow again. It concludes that it is a rapidly renewable resource.

Isn’t this what an eco-conscious person looks for?

If you are a person who wants a reliable yet sustainable food packaging option, bagasse tableware is the best for you. These tableware products are resistant to greasy, oily, and hot food. Moreover, the heat-holding capacity of bagasse containers is up to 100°C. On top of that, they are anti-leakage and spill-proof.

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Why should I choose bagasse food containers over bamboo containers?

Bagasse and bamboo tableware are potential options for eco-friendly and biodegradable food packaging.

But which one is the best?

Bagasse flatware has advanced features which make it superior to other nature-friendly dishware options. Check out this comparison to see why bagasse containers are better than bamboo containers. 

Bagasse food containers

Bamboo food containers

Bagasse containers are made from sugarcane plant fiber that does not harm our ecosystem.

Bamboo food containers are made of bamboo trees, thus causing deforestation and loss of natural habitat.

Bagasse containers have no PLA or resin coating, making them eco-friendly and chemical-free.

Bamboo containers have a plastic coating to make them more resistant. Therefore are not chemical-free.

Bagasse items are 100% natural and rapidly renewable.

Bamboo products are natural but take more time to regrow than bagasse.

Bagasse products are compostable and enrich the soil with organic compost.

Bamboo food packaging containers are biodegradable but neither harm nor benefit the soil.

Bagasse is pocket-friendly and 100% safe to use.

Bamboo tableware is less affordable than bagasse containers.

What are the uses of bagasse food containers?

Figure 2 Bagasse Food Container

Figure 2: Food delivery containers

Bagasse containers are used in several food sectors to eliminate plastic consumption and support the “Go Green Initiative.”

Here are some wide applications of bagasse containers;

  • Takeaway meals:

Bagasse containers are used in takeaway meals because they are sturdy and do not release while reheating. Also, these are safe to keep food in.

  • Food delivery:

These containers are used for delivery purposes by restaurants as they keep food fresh and warm due to being highly resistant to heat and are leak-proof. They are used as fruit boxes and salad containers.

  • Cold storage:

Bagasse containers are temperature resistant to both hot and cold and can store foods in refrigerators. It is made from organic resources; thus, it does not change the taste and smell of the food.

Are bagasse products carbon offset?

Bagasse products are carbon neutral because the manufacturing of this tableware does not involve CO2 consumption. Besides being carbon offset, the bagasse tableware reduces carbon footprint and GHG in the environment. 

GangXuan–Top-notch bagasse tableware manufacturer in China

GangXuan is a high-quality bagasse tableware manufacturer in China. We have a professional team and advanced equipment to ensure the quality and effectiveness of bagasse products.

We provide the best quality, nature-friendly products at a reasonable price. Moreover, GangXuan has 330 employees, including staff and the QC team working in the plant. GangXuan offers a diverse range of biodegradable bagasse products for commercial and domestic applications. 

Without further delay, contact us for a free quote. Our customer support is available 24/7 to address your queries.

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