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GangXuan China is the best option if you’re not willing to skimp on quality. The company offers economically priced, high-quality bagasse containers.

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Eco-friendly containers made from sugar cane

GangXuan China bagasse containers are a greener and cleaner alternative to disposable plastic and paper containers. Our goods are manufactured using sugarcane bagasse, a byproduct of the sugar industry. GangXuan sugarcane containers are non-toxic, carbon neutral, and biodegradable. We boast that our products are 100 percent biodegradable and completely decompose into the soil after 90 days.

Bagasse containers that are waterproof and microwaveable

Our sugarcane containers are very resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. Our containers are leak-proof; hence, hot oil and water will not cause any leaking. GangXuan’s sugarcane containers do not absorb moisture in the refrigerator and preserve flavor. In contrast to plastic and Styrofoam, our bagasse products are tasteless and maintain the food’s freshness even after hours in the refrigerator.

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Company Profile

GangXuan China is the country's dominant manufacturer of sugarcane bagasse tableware and earned a reputation for superior quality and low environmental impact. To manufacture our products, we use chemical and carbon-free processes.

Factory View

GangXuan is the industry standard for sugarcane containers due to its 30 years of expertise in making bagasse tableware. Our new 18,000-square-foot facility is established in Guangxi, China. We launched our brand-new production facility in 2021, and we’re now in Phase 1 of our manufacturing process. Our new facility has completely automated machinery, and it is staffed by 330 people. OK COMPOST, ISO9001, BRC, and FDA are among the few quality assurance certifications that GangXuan has earned.

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Related Products

We provide an extensive selection of biodegradable items, including bagasse trays, plates, cups, boxes, cutlery, and clamshells, among others. Our tableware is offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, and capacities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any questions about bagasse containers?

This section will cover the most commonly asked questions by our clients.

Bagasse containers are made from the pulp of sugarcane, and they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They are also safe for food contact, making them a great option for take-out and to-go orders. 

Bagasse containers are sturdy and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. Plus, they’re microwave-safe, so you can reheat your food without worry. If you’re looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly option for take-out and to-go orders, bagasse containers are a great choice.

Yes, bagasse containers are BPA-free. Bagasse is a type of sugarcane fiber that is often used to make eco-friendly disposable tableware. One advantage of using a bagasse container is that it is completely safe and non-toxic. 

Unlike plastic containers, which can leach harmful chemicals into food, bagasse container is completely safe to use. In addition, bagasse tableware is also biodegradable, meaning that it will not contribute to landfill waste. 

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in reducing the carbon footprint of businesses and households. One way to do this is to use bagasse containers instead of traditional plastic or glass containers. 

Bagasse is a type of sugarcane fiber that is often used to make paper products. It is environmentally friendly because it is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. 

Furthermore, it requires less energy and water to produce than other types of packaging materials. Therefore, using bagasse containers is a step in the right direction toward reducing the carbon footprint.

Yes, we provide complete customization for our bagasse containers. Customers may choose the desired product size, color, bleached/unbleached status, and other dimensions.

The minimum order quantity for bagasse tableware from GangXuan varies per product. Every product has a different minimum order quantity. The minimum order quantity is also dependent on the category and customization options chosen. For precise information and pricing, please contact our customer service team.

Customers are the core of any business

GangXuan proudly claims that we have over 5000 satisfied customers globally. Let’s find out what our happy customers say about GangXuan;

I am an event organizer, and my customers wanted eco-friendly options with changing trends. I tried several natural disposable product options, but it was always in between quality and affordability. After weeks of research, I discovered GangXuan sugarcane cup manufacturer, and I'm so glad I chose them. Thanks, GangXuan!

Gabrielle Conte

GangXuan’s bagasse tableware is just beyond expectations. I loved that the biodegradable sugarcane bagasse cups were spillage free even after pouring hot coffee. I also liked the texture and tasteless features of these products. Thank you, GangXuan, for providing reliable products in such an affordable price range.

Mike Henderson

I am so happy that I am GangXuan’s regular customer. Their products are 100% oil and water-proof, which makes things so easy for me. I keep meals in the fridge for days, and they always look fresh. GangXuan’s bagasse tableware is the best environmental-friendly option because it is reliable and sustainable.

Steven J. Duke

Are you looking for a free quote and additional information?

Are you thinking of switching to sustainable disposable tableware? Bagasse dine-ware and cups are the top choices. GangXuan produces 100% compostable, eco friendly, and durable tableware products globally. For a free quotation, contact us.

Bagasse containers- A step to sustainability

Bagasse containers are an environmentally friendly and sustainable option for food storage and transport. Did you know that bagasse can also be turned into lightweight, durable containers? Check out this article to learn more about bagasse containers and how they can benefit your business.

Bagasse containers – An overview

Figure 1 Bagasse Containers

Figure 1. Bagasse containers

A bagasse container is a sturdy container made from the fibers of sugarcane. Bagasse is a byproduct of sugar refining, typically burned or discarded. However, bagasse is a highly versatile material that can be used to create everything from tableware products to biofuel. 

Regarding packaging, bagasse containers are an attractive alternative to plastic or Styrofoam. They are compostable, meaning they will break down naturally over time. 

Plus, they are solid and durable, making them ideal for storing food or other items. Best of all, bagasse containers can be used repeatedly, helping reduce our reliance on disposable packaging.

Benefits of using bagasse containers

There are many benefits to using bagasse containers, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular. Here are four of the most compelling reasons to choose bagasse:

  • They’re environmentally friendly. Bagasse is made from sugarcane, which is a renewable resource. And since bagasse containers can be composted, they’ll eventually break down and provide nutrients for new plants. 
  • Bagasse is a strong material that won’t crack or shatter like glass or ceramic containers can. This makes it ideal for use in busy restaurants where there’s a risk of dropping or spilling things.
  • Bagasse has a natural, earthy look that can add a touch of style to any setting. Whether you’re using them in your home or at an event, bagasse containers are sure to impress your guests.
  • They’re affordable. Despite their many benefits, bagasse containers are very affordable. This makes them an excellent option for businesses that want to save money on packaging costs.

Whether you’re looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or want a stylish and durable option for your next event, bagasse containers are great. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming so popular.

GangXuan- Top manufacturer of bagasse containers in China

GangXuan has over three decades of expertise as a manufacturer and distributor of wholesale bagasse containers of the highest quality. The company has a great reputation for producing affordable and eco-friendly products of excellent quality. 

In 2021, the company inaugurated a new production facility dedicated to creating eco-friendly alternatives to traditional paper and plastic disposables. The company uses only the highest quality materials and provides a product warranty. Contact us right away for more information about our products.

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