Single-use Plastic products Ban in EU

Single-Use Plastic Products Ban In EU: A Step Towards Sustainable Future

From takeaway containers to grocery bags, single-use plastics are everywhere these days.

Figure 1 Single-Use Plastic Products Ban In EU

Single-use plastic products ban in EU

Plastic comes as the most convenient option in our daily lives; thus, the consumption of single-use plastics has increased significantly. However, these products have a destructive impact on the environment and human health. 

According to OSPAR, nearly 8 million pieces of plastic pollution are dumped in water bodies every day. Moreover, the latest scientific studies claim that plastic consumption disturbs hormones and cause cancer in human. It concludes that your environment and millions of lives are at stake because of plastic usage. 

Keeping all the adverse impacts of disposable plastic in consideration, the EU has banned the production of single-use plastic products. The ban is majorly focused on disposable tableware and daily-use products. In this article, we will discuss all EU ban on single-use plastic. 

Let’s have a deep insight into it.

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Background of single-use plastic products ban in EU:

The EU ban on plastic products was initiated in 2018 to reduce the environmental impact of plastic littering in oceans and landfill. European Commission approved a ban in 2018 on certain single-use products such as cutlery, disposable plates, cotton buds, containers, and cups to control wastage pollution in public places. 

People dispose of these products on beaches, parks, and public places which takes hundred years to decompose. Therefore, they imposed a ban to reduce plastic waste and protect the planet. In the future, the EU is optimistic about incorporating 25% of recycled plastic in PET beverage bottles from 2025 to make a positive impact on the environment. 

This initiative has significantly reduced the plastic adverse effect on human health and marine life. 

Impact of single-use plastic products:

Since we have been discussing the single-use plastic ban and how it is beneficial for the environment. You must be wondering how these products impact the ecosystem and health. Right? Let’s find out together!

  • Carbon emission: 

Single-use plastic products are produced by burning non-renewable energy; such as oil, natural gas, and coal. The production of such products increases CO2 in the environment resulting in global warming, humidity, and sudden climate change. The CO2 emission in the ecosystem is harmful to the proper functioning of plants and wildlife. 

  • Waste pollution:

Another prominent impact of single-use plastic is high waste production. These products are often littered in landfill and oceans resulting in tons and tons of wastage. Plastic pollution has a severe impact on human and marine life. 

  • Disease outbreak: 

Disease outbreak is another prominent effect of plastic pollution. It can cause childhood cancer, hormonal inactivity, pre-term delivery, infertility, and infectious and viral diseases. Therefore, the disposable plastic ban will be beneficial for health. 

Alternatives of disposable plastic eateries products:

Do you know that single-use food packaging products are the major contributor to plastic pollution? Yes, you heard it right.  

These disposable packagings are destroying the planet with each passing day. Therefore, industries and consumers are finding the best possible alternatives to plastic tableware that are eco-friendly and functional.  

Figure 2 Disposable Plastic Eateries Products

Many eco-friendly options are available that people can leverage in place of single-use plastic products. Some common alternatives of disposable plastic products are as follows;

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