England will ban single-use plastic tableware for environmental reasons

England Will Ban Single-Use Plastic Tableware For Environmental Reasons

Plastic products are another name of convenience for all of us. From storing food to eating out, plastic comes as a cheap and handy option.

Figure 1 England Will Ban Single-Use Plastic Tableware

England will ban single-use plastic tableware

But do you know how plastic pollution is degrading our ecosystem every day? It has been impacting humans, wildlife, oceans, and land, making the planet inhabitable. 

In the United Kingdom, approximately 2.5 billion takeaway coffee cups are used yearly and most of them are littered in the landfill. The growing awareness about the concern has made people believe in the importance of taking a step toward environmental responsibility by eliminating plastic waste. 

That’s what we will discover in this article. We will comprehensively cover the upcoming single-use plastic tableware ban in England and why it was needed. So, if you want to find out, please keep on reading!

England will ban single-use plastic tableware: Fighting against plastic 

As all the countries are fighting against plastic pollution, England has come forward with an initiative to control plastic pollution and reduce its environmental impact. Do you know that a single plastic water bottle takes up to 450 years to decompose on land? That means plastic accumulates faster than it breaks down.

Therefore, the ban was imperative to control plastic littering. Imposed in April 2023, the ban will immediately prohibit the production and consumption of single-use plastic cutlery, plates, bowls, and container. The ban is imposed on a wide range of industries; food packaging industry, takeaway, restaurants, and cafes. If industries or consumers fail to for using single-use plastic dinnerware. 

Learning from other countries: The impact of the plastic ban

Plastic pollution has become a hot topic globally due to its adverse environmental and health impact. Different countries are coping with this issue with various capabilities and resources. Many countries such as Australia, America, Canada, and European Union have banned disposable plastic tableware to protect the planet from catastrophes such as climate change disasters and diseases. 

EU implemented a complete ban on disposable plastic tableware production and consumption in 2019, which significantly reduced plastic wastage and overall environmental pollution. Moreover, the Canadian plastic ban in 2021 aims to become a plastic-free country in 2030. Other countries are successfully implementing strategies to limit other single-use plastic products (personal hygiene and daily use) to effectively control plastic pollution. 

Why England is initiating a ban on single-use plastic products?

England is planning to ban single-use plastic products to promote sustainability and a safer environment for the species because plastic pollution is an urgent environmental issue. The UK government is planning to reduce the consumption of avoidable single-use plastics that end up in litter. 

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What are the sustainable solutions for reducing plastic waste?

While imposing a ban to reduce plastic waste, the UK government is also encouraging sustainable options such as re-useable products and biodegradable tableware. The England government is following strategies to influence people to make sustainable choices for the planet and their health. 

The sustainable solution for single-use plastic products includes;

  • Bamboo household products
  • Bagasse packaging products
  • Re-useable dinnerware
  • Paper and metal cutlery 

GangXuan—Building a sustainable future with bagasse tableware

Figure 2 GangXuan Manufacturer of Bagasse Tableware

If you are planning to the best possible solution to reduce plastic impact, eco-friendly bagasse tableware is the reliable option. GangXuan is a well-known manufacturer of highly resistant and 100% organic bagasse tableware products. We provide all-natural eateries without chemical coating or harsh bleaching. 

Figure 3 Bagasse Tableware Products

With fully automated machinery and high production capacity, our new unit is in the first phase of production. Our product range includes bagasse trays, bagasse bowls, plates, and cutlery products. GangXuan is OK COMPOST, BRC, FDA, and DIN CENTRO certified. 

For more detail and modification services, you can contact us. Our customer care will reach you with the right quotation. 

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