Bagasse Tableware - Hostel Pack solution

Bagasse Tableware – A Perfect Hostel Pack Solution

Hostel pack solution background story:

Hostels have been using disposable plastic tableware for serving food for decades. They use disposable products so students, guests, and hostelites can take leftover food with them. However, disposing of plastic tableware after usage causes landfill pollution and health diseases. Therefore, a group of hostels chose GangXuan to introduce an eco-friendly hostel pack solution.

The awareness of plastic’s adverse impact persuaded them to replace it with eco-friendly and anti-wastage tableware products. They wanted disposable tableware so it could be easy to manage and use. 

Hostel management asked for nature-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality disposable tableware products. They wanted compostable products to participate in the “Green and Safe Planet” campaign.

We understood the requirement and provided premium quality bagasse tableware products as the perfect hostel tableware solution. We added products that could be used for serving as well as takeaway purposes. 

Hostel pack solution:

We customized different bagasse tableware products to make them useful for serving and keeping food. Here is what GangXuan presented as the perfect hostel pack solution;

  • Bagasse round plates (6-inch, 7-inch)
  • 3-compartment compostable plates (9 and 10 inches)
  • Bagasse 3 and 5 compartment trays
  • Sugarcane 10-inch lunch box
  • Sugarcane 6-inch burger box
  • Bagasse cups with lids
  • Sugarcane bagasse cutlery 


The addition of sugarcane bagasse products reduced the primary concern of waste pollution. Guests, students, and other people became responsible for conserving the environment. Highly sturdy and eco-friendly tableware food packagings are also designed for re-heating and carrying food. 

Therefore, it was a great solution to reduce waste and promote environmental sustainability.  

Why do hostels choose bagasse tableware over plastic?

Figure 1 Bagasse Tableware - Hostel Pack Solution

Figure 1: Compostable bagasse tableware

Most disposable products are made of plastic, paper, and styrofoam which are unsafe for health and the environment. Hostels managements were not satisfied with the increased waste pollution and labor on heavy-duty dishes. 

The primary reasons why hostels choose bagasse products over plastic are as follows;


Figure 2 Nature-friendly Bagasse Tableware

Figure 2: Nature-friendly bagasse tableware

Sugarcane bagasse tableware products are made with 100% organic resources. The sugarcane pulp products do not damage the environment, aquatic life, and natural habitat. According to the latest reports, bagasse tableware is predicted to hold 88% of total sales in North America. 

That means people are shifting rapidly towards nature-friendly options to save the planet for future generations.

Long-lasting nature:

Unlike plastic and disposable styrofoam products, sugarcane tableware is long-lasting. These products can be used in the microwave without spilling or disintegration. They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to weeks. Moreover, sugarcane pulp tableware is a reliable option for carrying food. 

The bagasse dinnerware is anti-leakage and spill-proof.

Compostable feature:

The most prominent feature of bagasse products is their compostable nature. These products nutrify the soil with organic-rich compost after disposal. The bagasse tableware is easily compostable in commercial and home settings. Moreover, the composting of bagasse products does not release any greenhouse gases. 

Therefore, they promote a “greener and more sustainable lifestyle.”


Figure 3 Non-toxic Bagasse Dinnerware

Figure 3: Non-toxic bagasse dinnerware

People in hostels constantly reheat their food. However, when heated, plastic and disposable styrofoam products release harmful chemicals and toxins. They release styrene, BPA, and other toxins.

Hostel management chose bagasse tableware products to reduce health risks because bagasse tableware is 100% chemical free. The bagasse tableware is FDA-approved and safe to use.


Bagasse products are completely customizable according to the customer’s desires. You can choose the capacity, size, and shape according to your application. Bagasse products are usually available in bleached/unbleached form in white or natural color. 

GagnXuan China offers grammage and mould modification to fit clients’ requirements. 

Was choosing bagasse tableware proved beneficial for the hostels?

Bagasse tableware is natural, safe to use, and chemical-free. Therefore, it proved beneficial in many ways for the hostels. 

Here are the potential benefits that bagasse tableware brought to the hostels;


Introducing bagasse tableware revamped the hostel’s image as eco-friendly products encourage plastic-free earth. It supports protecting the environment from hazardous chemicals and non-recyclable substances. 


Plastic and other disposable products end up in landfill and oceans. These products damage the territory and life. According to the report, Plastic particles were found in 100% of baby sea turtles’ stomachs. Thus, plastic consumption adversely impacts seabirds and marine life.

On the contrary, bagasse products reduce waste pollution because these products decompose and nourish the plants. They are 100% waste-free and biodegradable. 


Sugarcane pulp tableware is an affordable option as compared to other green alternatives. Sugarcane bagasse dinnerware is manufactured from residual products that do not demand any fossil fuel energy. These products offer durable performance and cost-effectiveness.  

Furthermore, these products are more reliable and long-lasting. 


Bagasse tableware is sturdy and resistant because they are made in advanced pressing moulds. Sugarcane fibers are strong enough to hold hot food up to 100°C without spilling. These products are resistant to hot oils, water, and grease.  

If you want to buy bagasse tableware for environmental protection, choose GangXuan China. For more information, contact us

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