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GangXuan is a sustainable tableware manufacturer that promotes nature-friendly bagasse tableware for environmental sustainability. We provide 100% biodegradable tableware products made with sugarcane bagasse. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer high-quality customized bagasse products according to customers’ choice.

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Sugarcane bagasse products

GangXuan has a wide catalog of eco-friendly products such as bagasse plates, containers, clamshells, trays, and cups. We proudly claim that our products are 100% toxin-free.

Bagasse pizza boxes

Bagasse pizza boxes

Sugarcane bagasse pizza boxes are strong and can carry food easily for hours without leakage. The bagasse pizza boxes come in different shapes and compartments. We offer both bleached and unbleached bagasse trays. These boxes are ideal for travel and food packaging purposes.

bagasse pizza plate

Bagasse pizza plates

The bagasse pizza plates are an easy way of promoting environmental sustainability while eating. Bagasse plates are useful for serving food at outdoor parties and events. The bagasse plates are available in sizes (small, medium, and large).

Bagasse Food Containers

Bagasse food containers

Sugarcane pulp containers are made with raw and sturdy bagasse pulp; thus, they are anti-spillage and leakproof. These containers are designed to hold hot food up to 100°C. Moreover, these containers can be used in the microwave and refrigerator.

Bagasse bowls

The compostable bagasse bowls are perfect for takeaway meals and kids' lunches. These bowls come in different sizes and lids to make them useful for food delivery. These products decompose into plant compost after usage.

bagasse pizza cutlery

Bagasse pizza cutlery

Bagasse pizza cutlery products include a spoon, knife, fork, and serving spoons. These cutlery products are sturdy and resistant because they are manufactured with top-notch pressing equipment.

bagasse Cup

Bagasse cups

Sugarcane bagasse cups are anti leakage and spill-proof, designed to hold hot and cold beverages without soaking up. These cups are available with or without a lid.

Factory View

GangXuan is the top-priority eco-friendly factory that has initiated to eliminate plastic usage to save the planet. Our new unit was established in 2021 with a total factory area of 18,000 sq. ft. We have 870 tons per month production capacity with 330 employees working on the new plant. We are certified by OK COMPOST, BRC, and FDA. 

Want a free quote for a bagasse pizza box?

GangXuan provides budget-friendly and premium quality bagasse tableware. We offer 100% grammage and mold customization according to your preferences. 

Bagasse pizza box– An introductory guide

Are you tired of carrying pizza in a cardboard box? If yes, we got a new and exciting product to keep your pizza in. The bagasse pizza box is a reliable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting tableware option. 

Bagasse is safe and sustainable packaging made of 100% pure sugarcane fibers. The bagasse pizza packaging box is designed to keep the food hot and fresh for a long. 

GangXuan manufactures high-quality bagasse products for a sustainable and greener planet. Let’s understand more about bagasse tableware in this introductory guide. 

Understanding bagasse pizza box:

Figure 1 Sugarcane Bagasse Pizza Box

Figure 1: Sugarcane bagasse pizza box

The bagasse box is a reliable, sturdy, and compostable packaging option. It is made with rapidly renewable resources with a regrowth span of only 12-18 months. It is a perfect alternative to plastic and styrofoam disposable tableware. 

Bagasse disposable pizza box keeps the food fresh and ensures zero leakage or soaking up. Whether you are buying pizza or packing one, a bagasse pizza packaging box is all you need. 

How is the bagasse pizza box promoting the “Go green” initiative?

Figure 2 Biodegradable Pizza Box

Figure 2: Biodegradable pizza box

The “Go Green” initiative is about keeping the planet safe for future generations. Here is the list of facts that explains how sugarcane pizza boxes and other packaging products promote the “greener planet” initiative.

  • It is biodegradable food packaging, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and global warming
  • It is 100% compostable and contributes to plant growth with nutrient-rich natural compost.
  • The sugarcane pizza box manufacturing process does not involve fossil fuel consumption. 

What are the uses of bagasse pizza boxes?

Bagasse disposable pizza boxes are used for the following purposes;

  • Food takeaway in restaurants.
  • Reheating or serving food.
  • Food delivering. 

Bagasse pizza box vs. Cardboard pizza box:

Do you want to know why a bagasse box is better than a cardboard pizza box? Here is a detailed comparison;

Bagasse Pizza Box

Cardboard Pizza Box

Bagasse boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Cardboard boxes are recycled only under certain conditions.

Bagasse pizza containers do not soak up. 

Cardboard pizza box trap moisture and grease.

It keeps the food fresh and does not contaminate the taste.

A cardboard box allows the heat to leave; thus, food becomes cold fast.

Bagasse disposable pizza box leaves zero carbon footprint.

Manufacturing of cardboard containers involves carbon emission.

It is toxin and chemical free.

It contains chemical lining or coatings.

GangXuan–China’s most reliable biodegradable box manufacturer:

GangXuan is the top-priority manufacturer and supplier of sugarcane bagasse tableware. The company uses 100% pure sugarcane fibers as a manufacturing material. The company produces sugarcane products in pressing equipment at high heat. GangXuan’s pizza boxes are resistant, durable, and eco friendly. 

We have a wide collection of bagasse tableware, including plates, trays, cups, and bowls. We provide the best quality products at affordable prices. So, if you are finding an economical green alternative, choose no other than GangXuan

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