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GangXuan is a certified compostable bagasse trays factory that produces eco-friendly and degradable sugarcane bagasse trays. We manufacture a variety of carbon-neutral tableware to ensure a sustainable environment and a healthier lifestyle. 

Customized Bagasse Tray Products

We offer a wide range of biodegradable bagasse meal trays, including bagasse chip trays, lunch trays, sushi trays, meat trays, lids, etc. Our tableware is available in different sizes, shapes, and holding capacities.

Environment-friendly Sugarcane Pulp Trays

Environment-friendly Sugarcane Pulp Trays

GangXuan China bagasse trays are a safer and healthier substitute for plastic and disposable tableware. Our products are made with sugarcane bagasse which is a by-product of the sugar production industry.

GangXuan biodegradable sugarcane trays are non-toxic, carbon-free, and compostable. We proudly claim that our products are 100% biodegradable and degrade into the soil within 40 days. With advanced equipment and technology, we have accomplished “zero emission” during the entire production process.

Resistant bagasse trays manufacturer

Despite being the healthier alternative to plastic tableware, GangXuan’s biodegradable sugarcane bagasse trays are thermal resistant. Our biodegradable sugarcane trays are microwave oven safe. They do not produce environmental toxins during the heating process.

GangXuan China bagasse fiber trays are water and oil-resistant. They can tolerate up to 100 ° C hot oil and water without leakage. Our sugar cane bagasse meal trays are also refrigerator safe and maintain the freshness of food.

Resistant Bagasse Trays Manufacturer

Company Profile

GangXuan is a sustainable bagasse trays manufacturer that produce quality assured bagasse-made tableware at a market-competitive price range. Our primary initiative is toxin-free products for consumers and the environment.

Factory View

GangXuan is a prominent bagasse trays factory located in Wenzhou City, China. We have about 330 employees, including operational and product development teams that ensure quality and production.

We have 30+ years of experience in bagasse molded tableware production; however, this is our new unit established in 2021. Our new factory site is currently in the first phase of production, with a total area of about 18,000 sq. ft.

Bagasse tableware viedo


Biodegradable bagasse tableware

GangXuan produces a wide range of Bagasse tableware, including plates, trays, bowls, clamshells and more. All our products are made from sugarcane fiber and are 100% natural.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will address some of the frequently asked questions of our customers about GangXuan’s eco friendly tableware.

We are a certified china bagasse trays factory that manufactures 100% renewable tableware. Our manufactured products are biodegradable and decompose within 40 days into the soil. We have 30 years of experience in the bagasse packaging industry.

GangXuan ensures the quality of products with fully automated production lines. We have about 870 tons/month production capacity with ISO9001, OK COMPOST, BRC, FDA, and DIN CERTCO certification.

The company has a huge customer base in the United States and all over Europe. Our goal is to produce affordable, carbon offset, and compostable products for a sustainable environment.

Our bagasse molded products are safer, healthier, and environment-friendly. We contribute to saving the planet and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

GangXuan bagasse trays factory makes biodegradable tableware with sugarcane bagasse as a raw material. Sugarcane bagasse is the residual fibers that are obtained after crushing sugarcane and extracting its juice.

The sugarcane pulp is then further crushed and passed through the vacuum dehydration process. After that, wet embryos of products are made with fibers. After that, the pulp is transferred to molding equipment, where the pulp is pressed and dried at a high temperature. Finally, the dried sugarcane pulp is pressed into different product molds such as bagasse meals trays, plates, clamshells, and cups.

Our finished products are tested under several quality assurance tests and inspections before final sterilized packing. Our production process ensures zero emission; therefore, our products are carbon and GHG neutral.

Our whole production process flow offsets carbon emissions with advanced technology and infrastructure. 

GangXuan is a quality-conscious China bagasse trays manufacturer that delivers high-quality and competent products.

We have various quality assurance and management certificates which ensure that quality is our first priority. We proudly claim that our certificates include OK COMPOST, BRC, ISO9001, FDA, and DIN CERTCO. Our professional inspection team inspects our semi-finalized products individually before dispatching them for sterilization and packaging at the warehouse.

Our inspection team assures us that our products are 100% germ-free, non-toxic, and anti-leakage. Moreover, our suppliers analyze the size, shape, and holding capacity of bagasse tableware before shipment.

The sugarcane made tableware is made of the easily compostable resource. The sugarcane bagasse is a by-product of sugar manufacturing that would have been otherwise burned or wasted.

The biodegradable sugarcane trays take about 1.5 months to completely decompose in the soil. Our sustainable products return nutrients to the soil to maintain a sustainable environment and healthy atmosphere.

Our sugarcane bagasse trays are available as both bleached and unbleached tableware. Since our initiative is eco-friendly products; therefore, we ensure a chlorine-free bleaching process.

We utilize hydrogen peroxide and oxygen for bleaching bagasse meal trays and other types. Our bleached products are usually white, and unbleached is available in natural color. 

GangXuan offers free quotation services to its customers globally. We have extensive storage design and R&D capabilities; therefore, we provide 100% OEM, ODM, and customization services.

To get a free quotation, fill in the quotation form with your inquiry, and our customer care team will reach you with accurate information in less than a day. Moreover, our customer support is 24/7 available to address your queries and concerns.

The minimum order quantity of GangXuan’s bagasse tableware varies from product to product. Every product has a different MOQ.

The minimum order quantity also depends on the selected category and customization. For accurate information and quotation, contact our customer support team.

As a professional china bagasse trays factory, GangXuan assures fast delivery globally. The delivery time of products varies according to the order quantity, ODM/OEM services, and category.

However, for in-stock products, expect delivery within 2 – 4 weeks of placing an order. You can contact our customer care for additional information. 

Customer Testimonials

Our customers are our foremost priority. We have more than 50,000 satisfied customers globally. Let's discover what customers say about our products.

I was thinking of bio-degradable tableware for my takeaway restaurant business. Someone suggested me GangXuan China. I was not sure about the quality initially, but I ordered a sugar cane bagasse meal tray and boxes with lids. Hands down GangXuan is the best biodegradable sugarcane trays manufacturer. I would recommend this company to everyone.

Joe Turner

I am a huge fan of GangXuan microwaveable and recyclable bagasse meal trays. These food trays are far better than Styrofoam and paper tableware. This sugarcane bagasse trays factory provides sustainable, toxic-free products at affordable prices. Now, I have become GangXuan’s regular customer because of the quality of products and the company's initiative. Happy environment!

Xavier T. Lord

The quality and purpose of the biodegradable sugarcane trays and boxes are excellent. I loved the size, shapes, and holding variations. Moreover, the lid design, bagasse meal trays and containers are insanely amazing, I put the plates and bagasse meal trays in the microwave oven, but they didn't tear or soak up. I am happy that I choose GangXuan, and would definitely buy again.

Chen Zixuan

Do you want production information and free quotation services?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly substitute for plastic and Styrofoam tableware, GangXuan sugarcane bagasse trays manufacturer is the right choice. For 100% free customizable bagasse-made tableware, choose us.

Compostable bagasse pulp trays

In the past few years, declining nature has become a hot topic. Rising awareness among people emerged need for compostable and nature-friendly products. Sugarcane Bagasse products came as a safer option in eco-friendly tableware options. Sugarcane pulp products are good for human health and a sustainable environment. GangXuan is the leading sugarcane bagasse trays manufacturer in China that offers high-quality, recyclable, and recyclable tableware. Our biodegradable sugarcane trays and related products are reliable, cost-effective, and toxin-free.

Sugar-cane Bagasse Tableware

Figure 1: Sugar-cane Bagasse Tableware


In this detailed article, we will discuss the process, types, benefits, and applications of biodegradable sugarcane trays. Let’s dig into it.  

What is Sugarcane bagasse? 

Sugarcane bagasse is a leftover material that is collected during the extraction of juice from sugarcane. The sugarcane bagasse consists of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. It also contains a small number of waxes and ash. The sugarcane pulp was usually burned after the extraction of juice from sugarcane which ultimately increase thermal pollution. However, the latest studies and awareness have helped us in understanding the exceptional uses of this bagasse. 

Stages of Sugarcane Bagasse

Figure 2: Stages of Sugarcane Bagasse 

Sugarcane bagasse has become an important constituent of bio-degradable products including tableware, cutlery, packaging, bags, containers, and many more. Sugarcane bagasse is a beneficial substitute for plastic, Styrofoam tableware, and containers

Bagasse meal tray – A better option than plastic tableware

Disposable plastic utensils and tableware products are non-renewable and contain high carbon emissions. Bagasse meal trays and cutlery is far better because plastic is damaging the ecosystem and marine life and causing high-grade pollution. In contrast, sugarcane bagasse is a renewable and cheap resource that preserves the environment with compostable, easily available, and eco-friendly features. Moreover, the bagasse meal tray is leak-proof with incredible holding capacity.

Are sugar cane bagasse meal trays compostable?

Sugar cane bagasse meal trays and other cutlery products are bio-degradable. These products have amazing eco-friendly features that make them superior to all other environment-friendly tableware options. Surprisingly, products made with sugarcane pulp are easily compostable within 40 days. Sugar cane bagasse meal trays decompose into the soil and release the entire nutrients as the end product. There are two types of composting;

  • Home Composting
  • Industrial Composting 

Home Composting:

The home composting process includes collecting the sugarcane bagasse end product and allowing it to decompose into nutrient-rich soil. This process takes several weeks to fully compost the sugarcane bagasse products. 

Industrial Composting: 

Industrial composting is a high-scale commercial composting of biodegradable products. In this process, a certain level of oxygen and temperature is maintained in the facility to produce mass organic material rapidly. Industrial compost is high-quality and effective as it is produced under aeration and temperature conditions. 

The process of making sugarcane bagasse trays:

Bagasse tableware is manufactured under an extensive process in bagasse tableware factory. The whole process of manufacturing reliable and toxin-free sugarcane pulp tableware includes various precise steps.

The Manufacturing Process of Bagasse Tableware

Figure The Manufacturing Process of Bagasse Tableware

 Let’s discuss the biodegradable sugarcane trays production in detail;

  • Screening and cooking:

The first step in sugarcane bagasse tableware making is the screening of sugarcane fiber residual. The residual fibrous part after removing sugarcane juice is transferred to the screening process. In this process, the sugarcane pulp is further crushed and cooked to improve its resistance and toughness of the pulp. 

  • Molding and dehydration:

Molding is the most significant process in making sugarcane pulp tableware. After screening, the sugarcane pulp is diluted in the molding equipment. The molding machine molds the pulp into a certain shape. Wet embryos of different products are formed during the molding process. After that, the semi-wet unfinished pulp is transferred to vacuum dehydration to remove water content. This procedure ensures the quality, efficiency, and resistance of the final product. 

  • Pressing and drying:

Wet embryos are then moved to the hot pressing molding equipment. During this procedure, wet embryos are dried at high temperatures and pressure settings to ensure a completely dried semi-finished product. After that, the sugarcane pulp is pressed into various molds to make different types of food trays. This process provides semi-finished bagasse pulp products. 

  • Shaping and Smoothing:

Trimming and shaping are required after removing the bagasse tableware from hot pressing molds. Raw and burr edges are trimmed before final inspection. In this process, the staff cut the raw edges and smooth out the internal and external surfaces to provide perfectly looking tableware. 

  • Inspection Process:

Inspection is a crucial process in bagasse tableware manufacturing. The final products are sent to the quality assurance inspection where the teams ensure the quality of products. Product development teams analyze the resistivity, holding capacity, and water-proof features of the biodegradable sugarcane trays. 

  • Sterilization and Packaging: 

Those products which pass the inspection process are then sent for sterilization to remove any germs, bacteria, or toxins from the final product. After successful sterilization, the products are sent to the warehouse for packaging and shipment purposes. 

Different types of biodegradable sugarcane trays

Bagasse meal trays are available in different sizes, shapes, dimensions, and holding capacities. Different types and shapes of sugar-cane pulp food trays are designed for various application purposes. Following are some common types of bagasse-made trays;



Size (mm/inch)

CTN Size(cm)


UT175 Deep tray

Unbleached Bagasse Pulp




UT100 Tray

Unbleached Bagasse Pulp




4D Tray

Unbleached Bagasse Pulp




609 shallow tray

Unbleached Bagasse Pulp




402 Tray

Unbleached Bagasse Pulp




Rectangle tray

Bagasse Pulp




400ML tray

Bagasse Pulp




3-compartment tray

Bleached Bagasse Pulp




5-compartment tray

Bleached Bagasse Pulp




Figure 4: Different types of biodegradable sugarcane trays

Noteworthy benefits of biodegradable sugarcane trays

Tableware made of bagasse is in the hype because of its hundreds of extraordinary advantages. The non-toxic features of bagasse tableware make it one of the best choices for food service, packaging, and disposable tableware.

Features of Bagasse Food Trays

Figure 5: Features of Bagasse Food Trays

Let’s discover some of the noteworthy benefits of compostable bagasse meal trays;

  • Eco-friendly feature:

The most prominent benefit of biodegradable sugarcane trays is the environmental-friendly feature. Sugarcane pulp is a natural resource; therefore, it does not damage natural habitats, animals, and ecosystems like plastic and disposable products. Moreover, the China bagasse trays factory claims that the manufacturing process is carbon and GHS offset.

  • Reliability:

There is a misconception that bagasse products have less reliability as compared to plastic products. However, sugar cane pulp products are highly resistant and reliable. They have amazing holding capacity and strength; they do not break or leak easily. The China bagasse tray manufacturers process the raw material through several steps to ensure the durability of the final product. 

  • Microwave friendly:

Another amazing benefit of bagasse tableware is a micro-wave-friendly feature. Sugarcane bagasse trays, plates, cups, and other tableware can hold up to -25°C to 220°C. The bagasse tableware does not leak or soak up in the microwave. Moreover, it does not change the taste of food after heating. 

  • Refrigerator safe:

Bagasse tableware can be used for refrigerator storage purposes as these products are refrigerator safe. The sugarcane pulp products do not change the taste and quality of food even after freezing. These products are oil and water-resistant; thus, they do not degrade or leak prematurely. 

  • Compostable advantage: 

The bagasse tableware and packing is the perfect substitute for eco friendly products as it is compostable. The bagasse tableware decomposes within 30 days and nourishes the soil at the end of life. Unlike other degradable materials, the sugarcane bagasse is a biological resource that becomes compost for planting after decomposition. Moreover, the products are easily decomposable at home and under commercial composting conditions. 

  • Recyclable factor: 

As the bagasse products are made of 100% degradable sugarcane pulp; therefore, these products are easily recyclable. They are chemical-free and non-polluted, which ensures that these products are efficiently replenished. Sugarcane pulp products are ecologically optimized and economically advanced for a healthy life. 

Uses of bagasse tableware and related products: 

Bagasse tableware and related products such as clamshells, bagasse meal trays, containers, and paper packaging are used in several industries for multiple purposes. Following are the common uses of bagasse products for different purposes; 

  • Grocery shopping for fruits, vegetables, and meat packing. 
  • Half-cooked and frozen meals. 
  • Cold food storage and cold drinks supplier.
  • Cooked meals delivering industry (due to insulation feature). 
  • Takeaway and serving at restaurants. 

GangXuan is a leading China bagasse trays factory that offers a wide variety of sugarcane bagasse plates, bowls, boxes, cups, and lids. 

How to choose a potential sugarcane bagasse trays manufacturer from China? 

Choosing a reliable China bagasse trays factory is not an easy task. As many China bagasse trays manufacturers are producing eco-friendly bagasse products, it is very important to choose potential sugarcane bagasse trays manufacturers in China. Following are some tips to choose a trustworthy China bagasse trays manufacturer;

  • Check if the selected company has OK COMPOST certification and other FDA, DIN CERTCO, and quality assurance certificates. 
  • Make sure the chosen sugarcane bagasse trays factory ensures high quality, decomposable, and carbon offset production. 
  • It is very important to analyze the production quantity of the china bagasse trays factory before finalizing it for your bulk orders and B2B purposes. 
  • Inquire about minimum order quantity, delivery time, warranty, and return policy before selecting the potential china bagasse trays manufacturer.
  • Make sure the selected china bagasse trays manufacturer offers OEM and ODM services for customization purposes. 
  • Inspect selected china bagasse trays factory’s profile and inspection procedures to ensure qualified and competent products. 
  • Always choose a global sugarcane bagasse trays factory to ensure timely delivery and post-delivery services. 


“From the nature to the nature” is the perfect phrase that describes the sugar-cane pulp trays. The bagasse-made products are eco-friendly, affordable, and compostable. Renewable products promote a healthy lifestyle and a sustainable ecosystem. Using tableware made of bagasse material can reduce plastic consumption, airborne pollution, and carbon emission. Sugarcane bagasse trays not only save the environment but also return nutrients to the soil as compost. Therefore, bagasse is the safest alternative to plastic and other non-decomposable material.

GangXuan bagasse trays factory offers low-cost, reliable, and biodegradable sugarcane trays. For further inquiries, contact us. Our customer care is 24/7 available to address your queries and concerns.

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