Bagasse Square Plate 1
Bagasse Square Plate 2
Bagasse Square Plate 1
Bagasse Square Plate 2

Bagasse Square Plate

  • Our bagasse square plates are recyclable and are safe for food contact.
  • The plates are waterproof and can withstand considerable weight thanks to their build quality.
  • The longevity and durability of our bagasse square plates make them a worthwhile investment for your company.
  • Our square bagasse plates are really economical.
  • We provide our clients the option to customize their own mould and grammage.
  • We have an ISO-accredited production plant and a crew with extensive expertise.

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Bagasse Square Plate- A Short Tour

Have you ever been to a restaurant and seen those plates made out of what looks like sugarcane fiber? These are known as bagasse plates, and they are a great eco-friendly option for restaurants. Bagasse, which is the fibrous material left over after the juice has been extracted from sugarcane, is sturdy and can be molded into different shapes. It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at bagasse square plates and discuss some of their benefits.


Bagasse Square Plate – Introduction

Bagasse is the dry pulp that is left over after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. This organic material is then used to create disposable plates, bowls, and cups. Bagasse square plates are a popular choice for eco-conscious businesses and individuals because they are made from renewable resources and are 100% compostable.

Bagasse Square Plate

Figure 1: Bagasse Square Plate

Unlike paper or plastic disposables, bagasse products will break down in a commercial composting facility within 60-90 days. They can also be recycled with other paper products. Bagasse square plates are strong and durable, making them perfect for everything from picnics to luncheons to weddings. And because they are made from sugarcane, they have a natural resistance to mold and mildew. 

Advantages of Using Bagasse Square Plate

Bagasse square plates are an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to plastic and paper plates. Listed below are some advantages of bagasse plates:

  • Bagasse square plates are made from renewable resources. Bagasse is a by-product of sugarcane production and would otherwise be incinerated or left to decompose in landfills. By repurposing bagasse, we can reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources like plastic and styrofoam.
  • Bagasse square plates are durable and sturdy. They won’t break or bend easily, making them ideal for both hot and cold foods. Plus, they’re stackable, so you can save space in your kitchen cabinets or restaurant storage area.
  • Bagasse square plates are microwave-safe and oven-safe. You can heat up food right on one plate without worrying about damaging it. And because they’re made from natural materials, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your food.
  • Bagasse square plates are attractive and stylish. They add a touch of elegance to any table setting, whether it’s a casual family meal or a formal dinner party. 

Bagasse Square Plates vs. Plastic Square Plates

Difference between bagasse tableware and plastic tableware

Figure 2: Difference between bagasse tableware and plastic tableware

In terms of environmental friendliness, bagasse square plates are the clear winner. They are made from sugarcane fiber, which is a sustainable, renewable resource. In contrast, plastic square plates are made from petroleum, a non-renewable resource that takes centuries to break down. Bagasse plates can be composted or recycled, while plastic plates can only be recycled if they are clean and uncontaminated.

In terms of durability, bagasse square plates are also superior to plastic square plates. They will not melt in the microwave or crack when exposed to hot food. Bagasse plates can even be used in the oven or freezer without hesitation. Plastic plates, on the other hand, can warp and stain when heated and are not freezer-safe. If you’re looking for a plate that will last, bagasse is the way to go.

For these reasons, it’s clear that bagasse square plates are the superior choice over plastic square plates.

Quality Control Process for Bagasse Square Plates 

Bagasse square plates go through a three-stage quality control procedure:

  1. The quality control laboratory is responsible for performing a battery of tests on the plates to ensure they are good enough. The sugar cane slurry concentration test, pH test, and karst and moisture test are all performed at the quality control laboratory.
  2. All of the square plates are completely free of germs and viruses thanks to the disinfection tools. All possible bacteria and viruses on the products are killed by being exposed to blue light (UV sterilizer). The plates will be safe to use and up to par with global food safety requirements if this is done.
  3. The plates are submitted for a final examination after they have passed all of the quality control tests and have been sterilized. The final inspection is performed by hand by a team of experts. 
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