square bagasse bowl
square bagasse bowl

Durable and Eco-friendly Square Bagasse Bowls

  • GangXuan design grease and water repellent bagasse square bowls that are perfect for hot and cold meals.
  • Our bagasse bowls are efficient, eco-friendly, and 100% carbon offset
  • GangXuan’s disposable bagasse bowls have –25°C to 220°C temperatures
  • Our products have incredible holding capacity with an anti-leak and anti-soggy nature. 
  • We offer grammage and mold customization of bagasse products according to customers’ choices. 
  • Our square sugarcane bowls are long-lasting, reliable, and budget-friendly.

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GangXuan manufactures a diverse catalog of sugarcane bagasse tableware, including bagasse plates, cutlery, cup trays, and bowls. Our products are made with 100% reclaimed sugarcane plants. 

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If eco-friendless and affordability is your concern, choose none other than GangXuan. We provide the best environment-positive products at an affordable price range.

An Easy Understanding of Square Bagasse Bowls


High toxins in the environment and global pollution are downgrading our natural resources adversely. The increased usage of single-use disposable products is actively destroying oceans and natural habitats. According to the study, only 9% of the total 8300 million tonnes of plastic is recycled since 1950.

Rising awareness about eco-friendly options has increased the product market of bagasse tableware. Square bagasse bowls and cutlery products are considered the perfect substitute for indecomposable tableware materials. GangXuan manufacture 100% compostable, organic, and non-toxic sugarcane bagasse square bowls.

Bagasse Square Bowls with Lid

Figure 1: Bagasse Square Bowls with Lid

Let’s find out more about sugarcane bagasse disposable bowls, so please keep reading. 

What is the Square bagasse Bowl? 

Square sugarcane bagasse bowl is an eco friendly food packaging product used as salad bowls, disposable bowls with lids, and spill-proof square bowls. These bowls are plant-based because they are prepared from sugarcane pulp. The bagasse products are 100% free from plastic lining and resin coating. The bagasse bowls are compostable; thus, they decompose into rich organic fertilizer. 

These bowls are manufactured in advance pressing machinery at high temperatures and pressure. Therefore, sugarcane pulp products are long-lasting, freezable, and microwave-safe. Most significantly, the bagasse products are carbon offset and chemical-free. 

Is the bleaching process of sugarcane bagasse harmful?

Square bagasse bowls and cutlery products are available in bleached and unbleached forms. However, bagasse tableware manufacturers use chlorine and carbon-free bleaching process to ensure zero chemical treatments. 

Why is square bagasse bowls better than plastic bowls?

Let’s compare sugarcane bowls and plastic bowls for a better understanding; 

Bagasse Bowls

Plastic bowls

Bagasse disposable bowls are compostable; thus do not cause landfill and ocean pollution.

Plastic bowls are the primary cause of waste pollution as they take decades to decompose. 

Sugarcane is a 100% vegan and plant-based alternative.

Plastic contains harmful chemicals such as PET and vinyl chloride.

Bagasse tableware regulates waste disposal on the planet. 

Plastic disposal demands coastal cleanups to reduce floating plastic in oceans. 

Sugarcane bagasse packaging is eco-friendly and compostable.

Plastic bowls and tableware products degrade the environment by releasing CO2 and GHG gases.

These products are anti leak and anti-soggy. 

Plastic products are not completely leak-proof. 

Square sugarcane bagasse bowls are microwave-friendly and heat resistant. 

Plastic dining ware products are heat tolerant but discharge BPA when heated in a microwave. 

Table 1: Comparison between Bagasse and Plastic Bowls

Pros and cons of sugarcane bagasse bowls: 

Here are some pros and cons of using square sugarcane bagasse bowls;


  • 100% natural and organic
  • Plastic-free and compostable
  • Lightweight and low-cost
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Heat and cold tolerant 
  • Microwave and freezer-friendly 
  • Tasteless and unflavored 
  • Anti-leakage and non-soggy


  • Cannot handle hot food up to 220°C.
  • Non-flexible in nature 

How to select a trustworthy disposable bagasse bowl manufacturer in China

If you think finding a reliable sugarcane pulp tableware supplier is troublesome, we are here to help you. Consider the following factors while selecting the square sugarcane bagasse bowls manufacturer in China;

  • Always analyze the background, production capacity, and equipment used by the company before choosing it. 
  • Make sure the manufacturer has high-grade machinery and a qualified team to ensure the quality of products. 
  • Identify the health and safety certifications of the company, such as OK COMPOST, FDA, BRC, and ISO9001. 
  • Always choose the manufacturer that offers free modification services. Ask the company if they provide grammage and dimension customization according to the client’s requirements. 
  • Ask out the minimum order quantity (MOQ) and international delivery time before choosing a sugarcane bagasse bowl manufacturer from China
  • Make sure the suppliers sterilize and sanitize the bagasse products before delivering them. 


If you want to take steps towards a sustainable ecosystem and a greener planet, choose eco friendly square bagasse bowls. Bagasse food packaging is the safest alternative to plastic, wood, and paper disposable cutlery. Biodegradable compostable bagasse pulp products ensure a healthier lifestyle on the planet. 

We offer 100% mold, dimensions, and mold modifications of bagasse bowls. If you want further information about customization, feel free to contact us. Our customer care team is responsive to answer your concerns. 

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